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Hiring a DevOps engineer at Phone2Action

We are seeking a talented DevOps Engineer to work collaboratively with our software engineering team to build the next generation of our SaaS product. Our product has driven more than 18 million connections with elected officials since our founding in 2012 and we're just getting started. If you have great problem solving, analysis and design skills, and a true passion for quality, you will be a great fit for the Phone2Action team.

The Role

  • Develop and manage infrastructure in AWS (CloudFormation, Terraform, etc)
  • Monitor and maintain existing infrastructure (CloudWatch, New Relic, Lacework, etc)
  • Manage automation and CI/CD pipeline
  • Manage configuration and patching of servers
  • Strategizes for scalability and performance
  • Implement best practices in regard to security posture
  • Support the software engineering team

What Were Looking For

  • 3+ years of DevOps experience.
  • Strong background in Linux/Unix Administration.
  • Expertise in managing and monitoring AWS.
  • Expertise in Infrastructure as Code.
  • Experience with Continuous Integration and Delivery toolchains (Jenkins, Sonarqube).
  • Strong experience with SQL and MySQL.
  • Strong experience with Queueing.
  • Demonstrated experience with web application security.

Other Preferred Qualifications and Skills

  • Experience with automation/configuration management using Ansible or Saltstack or an equivalent.
  • Experience working in an agile development process.
  • Programming skills in one or more of the following: PHP, JavaScript, Ruby.
  • Strong OOP skills and application architecture experience.

If interested please forward your resume with subject "DevTo - AWS" to

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Odunayo Ogungbure

Just started diving into DevOps and I'm psyched. Soon... Very soon 👍🏾