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Gitting students started!

We love programming, we love trying out new stuff. GitHub frees us from having to manage lots of different systems so we can focus on teaching and sharing that joy with our students.

As Associate Degree of Computer Programming at Howest University of Applied Sciences we've had the privilege of being
featured in the GitHub Customer Succes Stories.

The last couple of years our team has been focussing on updating and tweaking our program. Aligning with the current needs of the industry and pimping our course materials throughout the program.

Git, in combination with GitHub, has become essential in our hands-on approach to teaching. We cover the Git basics at the very beginning of a student's journey in becoming full-fledged programmers.

At the same time their, very first typical, "Hello Universe" introduction repositories are handed out via private repositories powered via GitHub Classrooms.

From that point forward nearly all course work is submitted through GitHub. GitHub has become the center for everything students and teachers do at the Associate Degree of Computer Programming.

A huge benefit of using GitHub (via GitHub Classrooms) to distribute and manage examples, exercises and assignments is that instructors can more easily provide feedback on studentsโ€™ code.
And this while using the same tools that professionals use on a day-to-day basis.

Not only does this make troubleshooting a whole lot easier, students that have a question or require some help with a particular piece of code can open up a pull request for review from a teacher or fellow student.

Some statistics:

  • We make use of 19 GitHub Organizations (1 for each of the course modules)
  • 260 students actively participating and loving the experience
  • 15 lecturers in support (huge fans!)
  • Each semester we total over 9k repositories
  • All individual and group assignments and exams were distributed via GitHub Classroom without any issues.
  • Git push, pull but also intensive use of branching, project boards & GitHub Actions (builds, unit tests) for our workplace related modules โ€“ all streamlined!

Looked into GitHub Classrooms but didn't find your way round? Or just want to check the possibilities?

Feel free to contact us, we'll gladly share our way of working!
And who knows, maybe some wicked interdimensional open source projects might be possible as well.

Proud GitHub Champions!

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