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How much time do you spend on your career out-of-hours?

I’m curious about how much time people spend on their career outside of work hours.

This might include: job interviews, technical exercises, side projects, side hustles, open source contributions, answering dev-related questions online, reading, courses, coding ‘katas’ or anything similar to the above.

Do you devote a consistent amount of time/effort or do you have ups and downs?

Have you needed to spend any extra time out of work hours at all or have you found it possible to do well in your career without doing so?

Do you feel happy with how much time you spent in the past or do you have some regrets (either due to spending too much time or too little time)?

I’m interested to see people’s responses to this. I’ll also add my own comment to give you my experience with this.

Thanks for reading!

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G.V.S Akhil

My career in software development started before 1.7 years and I spend lot of my time in freelancing projects which gave me a lot of experience working on new technologies, learning new stuff. So I spend nearly 7hrs of my day building my career other than my job