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Corentin Bettiol
French dev (python/django/djangocms).
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My company released a cool open-source plugin named DjangoCMS FAQ that you can use in your websites a few weeks ago, let me describe it:


The project is on pypi, so just use pip!

python3 -m pip install djangocms-faq
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FAQ Plugins

  • Create a FaqContainer Plugin that have a name, and can only contain FaqQuestion Plugins that have a name (the question) and keywords!
  • Create answers as TextPlugin, ImagePlugin or VideoPlugin inside the FaqQuestion Plugins (this can be easily extended using the settings of your project)!
  • Here's a small gif (better video here in the readme): create faq containers, questions & answers

FAQ Search Plugin

  • Create a FaqSearchPlugin that have a name, select all the FaqContainers that this instance will search into, and put it on any page on your site!
  • Here's a small gif (better video here in the readme): create faq search plugin & search into


  • If you don't need the FaqSearch you can set the DJANGOCMS_FAQ_ENABLE_API variable to False in your settings.
  • You can add as many Plugins as you want in the FaqQuestion plugins using the DJANGOCMS_FAQ_ANSWER_PLUGINS list in your settings.
  • If you don't wanna show the keywords in the questions, just put this var to False: DJANGOCMS_FAQ_SHOW_KEYWORDS_QUESTION.
  • And if you don't want to show the keywords in the FaqSearch Plugin answers then put this to False in your settings : DJANGOCMS_FAQ_SHOW_KEYWORDS_ANSWER.

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