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Random gists

Github gist logo

Hello, today I will share some cool little gists that I created.

"Wait, you're using gists?!?"

Yup. You can share them, they are not tied to any project, and you can even comment them. The main flaw is that they don't have an explicit URL.

Install & create a django-cms+djangocms-blog website in two minutes

This first gist is available here.

When testing applications related to django-cms, sometimes they are only compatible with python3/django2.2/django-cms3.X configurations, so I created this gist that allows me to quickly create test projects.

Install a working search engine for a django-cms/djangocms-blog website using solr

Here is the link.

It's my solution at an annoying problem. Install haystack, aldryn-search, solr, and create a fully functional search bar on your website.

oh-my-zsh + agnoster theme inside vscode inside a container (using remote-containers)

screenshot errors zsh in vscode

Okay, this one is unusual.

We use docker with some containers in our dev-env. Some of use use a container with all of our projects inside (so we can work on our projects in a controlled environment).

We're using vscode with the remote-containers extension, but zsh isn't working out of the box on the embedded vscode terminal. So I made a gist.

screenshot zsh agnoster working

I always wanted to add some fancy shadows on my screenshots (see this post :P). The code source of my little program is here.

edit: created a whole post on this script (and a little bonus) :)

Very simple timetracking tool

I wanted to keep track of what I was doing, but didn't want to use a heavy application with a lot of settings. So I made a gist.

Publish-to-pypi script

I was worried to make a mistake when publishing a package to pypi (I'm thinking at django-check-seo or djangocms-darksky-api), so I made a gist that contains a simple bash script to automate this task.

I even created a tl;dr version of the official python packaging doc here (with some common errors and the solutions).

That's all the interesting public gists I have created.

Are you using gihub gist like I do?

Discussion (2)

amruthpillai profile image
Amruth Pillai

Brilliant snippets here, very useful!

One suggestion I would have is to reduce the strength of that shadow maybe? Shadows are best when they're subtle and minimal :) Thanks for sharing!

corentinbettiol profile image
Corentin Bettiol Author • Edited

Thanks :D

The "big" shadows are good-looking on big images or screenshots, but there are only small screenshots on this post :)

Look at the results on the post where I describe django-check-seo:

img white bg

(white bg)

img dark bg

(dark mode)