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Holiday readings in cryptography🎄☃️✨

Ho-ho-ho 🎉🎅 says and brings those lazy winter holidays days.
💪 But we all know once in crypto is always in crypto.

And so, not to miss a single day without getting stronger in cryptography and data security, we chose some great posts to read, in alternative to being a couch potato. Just a few. Hope, you will enjoy them too.

☃️ JWTs: Which Signing Algorithm Should I Use? written by @scottbrady91 . Though Scott Brady is not a cryptographer, he has some practical experience in the field and puts the important things in a clear way.

☃️ A Practical Guide to the Web Cryptography API written by @voraciousdev . Looking for cases? Here it is. David R. Myers shares his progress in implementing client-side encryption in a writing app for developers.

☃️ Application level encryption for software architects: everything you need to know written by Eugene Pilyankevich. In the cryptographers' and cryptanalysts' community, they say this is the best article on ALE. We think the same.

☃️ In case you would like to switch to video and inspiring talks, we definitely recommend watching Bruce Schneier special interview, on cryptography. You can also read it here.

☃️ And last but not least. How to Run Secure Search over Encrypted Data written by the @cossacklabs engineers. It covers an overview of existing approaches, their downsides, typical attacks, and ready-to-use tools for searching over encrypted data in SQL and NoSQL databases.

Happy holidays!✨🎄☃️✨
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