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Craft CMS E-Commerce: Why and How Matt Stein Built a Snipcart Plugin

Craft CMS E-Commerce: Why and How I Built a Snipcart Plugin

Let’s be honest. If you’re in the market for a CMS for e-commerce, you’ve got plenty of options.

Back in the days of iPods and flip phones, you’d be choosing between Drupal or WordPress—and even those were nothing compared to what they are now.

So as a modern day developer, I did plenty of research into which CMS I wanted to use for clients and finally settled on Craft.

In this article, I’ll talk about:

  • Craft CMS and why it appeals to me

  • Where Snipcart fits into the world of Craft e-Commerce

  • Setting up and configuring the Snipcart plugin in your Craft site

  • How I built my Snipcart plugin in the first place

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