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Exposing a Promise-Based API from a Reactive Core (v3.0 Journal)

Exposing a Promise-Based API from a Reactive Core (v3.0 Journal)

The whole team here is going through very rewarding times lately.

Since we’ve started working on our new shopping cart’s frontend stack, we’ve had the chance to dive deeper into some awesome modern techs.

This rewrite is entirely done in TypeScript, decoupling the theming from a freshly baked SDK.

Redux is also a central piece of this stack. My good friend Jean-Seb already covered why we are using it—today, let’s move a bit more under the hood.

I want to use our experience as an example of how to use Redux middleware. More precisely, I’ll explain how we exposed a promise-based API from a reactive core. To do so, I’ll:

  • Define what exactly Redux middleware is
  • Expose more details about our SDK
  • Explain how we ended up exposing a promise-based API from it
  • Show how we leverage Redux middleware capabilities

This article is the second chapter of our v3.0 Journal where we reveal interesting parts of our shopping cart’s rewrite. To read the entire thing:

→ Read the full post here

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