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Scully Tutorial: A Static Site Generator for Angular Websites

Scully Tutorial: A Static Site Generator for Angular Websites

No matter how many content pieces I’ve written on the subject, not often have I mentioned the words JAMstack and Angular next to each other.

That’s kind of shocking, yet understandable.

I mean, when it comes to the JAMstack, Angular’s community is undeniably late to the party. But hey, there’s still well enough cake for everyone to enjoy!

Good news is devs have started to build the tools necessary to bridge the empty gap between Angular and static websites.

Case in point:, the first Angular static site generator.

In this tutorial, I’m going to use Scully to craft an Angular static website. While I’m at it, I’ll push the demo further by integrating our shopping cart, thus creating a simple e-commerce app in no time.

Tutorial steps 🛠

  • Create a new Angular app
  • Install external dependencies
  • Write an Angular service
  • Create the necessary components
  • Add Scully to generate an Angular static website

First, let’s see what Scully is and what new opportunities it brings to the Angular community.

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