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Static Site Search Made Easy (with Hugo Tutorial)

Static Site Search Made Easy (with Hugo Tutorial)

“Command + F.”

That function has become a larger part of my life than I care to admit. But it’s true.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy getting lost in the infinite abyss of digital content, but when I know exactly what I want, I don’t enjoy spending hours finding it. Hell, even minutes feel too long.

And while “Command + F” is great for searching pages, what if I’m searching an entire site? Or better yet, an entire static site like Hugo?

Today we'll be looking at how a static site search feature can be integrated into your JAMstack site via plugins or 3rd-parties. We’ll be doing this with Algolia’s DocSearch, a killer software that makes adding search to your technical documentation ridiculously easy no matter what SSG you’re using.More specifically, in this post, we’ll cover:

  • Choosing a static site generator
  • What is Algolia?
  • Static site search with DocSearch
  • DocSearch and the JAMstack
  • Building our Hugo demo with a static site search feature

Let's dive in!

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