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I must be stupid

I follow tutorials for everything to do with programming and computers, but I can't seem to get anywhere with them, and when I see just one error, I have the tendency to give up trying any further.

So, I am begging for assistance on the most basic of levels, if possible. PLEASE someone, anyone, tell me like I'm 5 years old, how do you install tailwindcss into VS Code?

I just followed the steps of a tutorial for this process from 9/21, and things seemed to be going well, until things didn't for me (which seems to be the case for every single tutorial I've followed in the past)

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Damian Demasi • Edited

Hi Crafty!

Dealing with errors (bugs, broken code, etc.) is the main job of a developer. Let me tell you how I spent my first month working as a software developer: I picked 5 problems to solve from a list shared by the rest of the team. The first problem took me a week and a half to solve, the second one took a week, the last 3 took a week and a half among them. So, I would say to you, try to feel comfortable when dealing with errors (setbacks, mistakes, bugs, etc.), because that is going to be your life as a developer. Developers get paid for solving problems.

When you are doing a tutorial, you should address 30% to 40% of your time in doing the tutorial, and the rest of the time in building your own version of it. When you start building something by yourself is when you will face the concepts you don't yet master.

How I will approach this tailwind tutorial that seems to be difficult is:
1) Start by coding along with it.
2) After the first error happens, stop, analyse what is happening, and read all the error messages.
3) Try googling for the error messages or undesired behaviour.
4) If no solution is found, restart the tutorial from the point in which it was working (here is where using Git is helpful).
5) As a last resource, as for help. The idea is that you build confidence in yourself about finding solutions to problems.

Remember: you will get paid for solving problems. As a personal rule, If I spend less than a week trying to solve a problem, I'm not trying enough.

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Hopefully, you have found your answer. If not then I hope I could point you to the right direction. I consider my self to be sort of a beginner as well so please bare with me. I would like to add to Damian Demasi's comment whilst addressing your question.

First,I just went to the Tailwindcss official website, then went to their documentation page which many technologies have. I found there is a getting started section. The first step says to use npm to install tailwindcss. npm stands for Node Package manager. Therefore, it means to install node.js. Once you install node.js you can run the command "npm install -D tailwindcss" then "npx tailwindcss init". You should then read the documentation for the next steps. Please do not consider this as a full walk-through. Check the bottom for reference links.

Now I would wish to give you a little bit more advice which could be helpful. Damian Demasi is right you need to press on and try to isolate what had been the cause. Maybe I have been lucky but I mostly copy the error and read what the error means. From there I would work on what most likely the cause. Typos or what not. I just completed a todo project on react which took me 4 days to fix my issue. Turns out that the youtube video was ether outdated or they cut out a very important step. The only way I fixed my issue was to read the technology documentation. Created their quick getting started guide project and boom. I had a reference project which I crossed checked for errors. Turns out I missed a line of code, which I found wasn't in the video. The second thing I found was that a lot of the projects on youtube sort of resembled the quick projects I built in the documentation.

Good luck and thank you for reading to the end!!! :)

Node.js official site:
Install node.js guide:
Install tailwindcss guide: