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Deploying a website with Netlify

You have built a static website or a statically generated website. Maybe you've built a new Gatsby site or you have built a static site like we did in our last post:

Now the question is: Where do you host it? Luckily today we'll give an overview of the steps needed to host your website with Netlify.

Why Netlify?

Netlify is an all-in-one platform for running web projects. This means you can use Netlify for hosting most if not all your web projects. Netlify is simple to use and setup which works perfectly when you have a basic website you want to get up and open for the world to use quickly.

The 6 simple steps

Setting things up is mostly signing up for accounts so I'll just lay out all of the steps here. We also go over each step in our video.

  1. Have your static or statically generated website. A static site, statically generated blog with something like Gatsby, or even a Jamstack site (but this requires a little more setup).
  2. Push your code to GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab
  3. Create a Netlify Account. Go signup and signup with the hosting provider of your code.
  4. In your "Overview" page select New site from Git
  5. Select the repo you want to deploy. Then you'll need to enter the build command and the folder for Netlify to distribute. Something like parcel build index.html and dist if you are deploying a static site with Parcel
  6. Wait for your app to deploy! Netlify will now start building and deploying your website. In a few minutes, Netlify will give you a URL to view your website and your website will be deployed.

That's it!

Your site should now be deployed with Netlify and ready for the world to see. You can start sharing your site with the domain Netlify gives you, or Netlify also allows you to set your custom domain. That will be a post for another time since it is different for every domain provider.

Thanks for reading/watching!

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Abajit Dey

I shows that parcel command was not found when I try to deploy the site on netlify