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Crazy Codigo - Haven't Heard That Name in a While...

Hey guys! I guess we're on DEV now.

So, for those of you who know us from our YouTube or Instagram, you already know that we keep promising new content and then, disappearing for 2 months straight. But, this time, we intend to set the bar reasonably low and put out 2 DEV articles each month (and yes, we will see this one through).

And for those of you who have never heard of us, hi! I am J and I run Crazy Codigo with A - my best friend, biggest cheerleader and soon-to-be roommate.

What follows is our Crazy Codigo journey so far, future goals and much more. Read along...


A: Hi....uh... I'm the awkward one in the duo.
J: Clearly
A: Awkward cricket noises
J: Alright so, we started off Crazy Codigo in June, 2021 because we thought it would motivate us to actually complete some of the endless projects we keep taking up. How's that one working out?
A: Obviously not. We are still taking up new projects and not finishing them but let's pretend like that's not happening.
J: Yeah minor inconvenience. Nothing we can't move past :)

A: We started off as a YouTube channel. Our first video was us trying to convert a .py file to an .exe only to realize that we had kind of forgotten to make an output screen and our code was just terminal based.
J: That video was exported in 480p and still exists on our YouTube channel. Check it out if you want -

First Video


J: From that we went on to discover GitHub, 1080p exports, online college and DEV.
A: Also, just in case you're wondering, online college sucks. But we're going to get into that in a whole new video we have planned for you guys. Coming sometime this month.
J: Yep. So, lookout for new notifications from our YT channel and head over to the link below to connect with us on many more platforms.


A: That's about it for this one. We'll see you soon with something new.
J: Cya.

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