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A Login Form built using React Hooks

creativesuraj profile image Suraj Sharma Updated on ・1 min read

Created a simple login form using React, Typescript and React Material UI featuring useReducer and useEffect hooks.

Login Form

A detailed article on How to build a React Login Form with Typescript and React hooks

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Jason Bell

I've found that when using multiple useState hooks, it becomes easier to move to useReducer, especially when conditions mutate multiple pieces of state. I think useState still works well in your example, but once you build a more complex login (with 2FA, requiring a new user to set a new password, etc), it can get messy quickly.

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you can also refactor your from with concent, it is worth doing.
here is 2 demos:
js ver:
ts ver:

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Suraj Sharma Author

Sure, I will look into it.