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Introducing the power of API & microservices: Vue Material Dashboard Laravel PRO

Frontend frameworks and libraries make it really easy to create reusable components. But how about a reusable API-powered backend for your next microservices project?

Together with UPDIVISION, we've created Vue Material Dashboard Laravel PRO to make building modular apps a lot easier. The microservice way. You get the entire high-level architecture you need to start building distributed, complex web apps. API-driven development is more than just a buzzword, and Vue Material Dashboard Laravel PRO is here to prove it.

Vue Material Dashboard Laravel PRO applies all the useful backend logic to the frontend Material awesomeness. Since everything goes through an API, following JSON:API standards, this keeps projects:

  • easily shareable between team members
  • easy to maintain
  • easy to implement across a variety of devices and operating systems

Keep it together with JSON:API

JSON:API is a specification for how a client should request that resources be fetched or modified, and how a server should respond to those requests. It's designed to minimize both the number of requests and the amount of data transmitted between clients and servers.

This makes not only client-server communication super-efficient but also human to human communication a lot easier 🙂 Now you know exactly what to expect when you dive into a project. Regardless of the number of people working on it or the number of times requirements changed.

By following JSON:API standards we make sure we keep our client requests and server responses predictable and our frontend design interesting. Not the other way around 😉

API-powered Laravel backend + Vue + Material = your next project

With Vue Material Dashboard Laravel PRO you`re getting the Material look you know and love built on top of two of the most popular frameworks today: Vue.js and Laravel. Behind the curtains, everything goes through an API, which guarantees a high degree of standardization.

JSON:API comes with filtering, sorting, pagination, includes & more. Besides making JSON response formatting more consistent, it also has super-efficient caching features that can eliminate superfluous server requests.

The ultimate full-stack resource

Vue Material Dashboard Laravel PRO got you covered on all fronts: design, frontend, backend, and even the most commonly used functionalities in a CMS. Right out of the box. You can see them all at work in the live preview.

User Profile Page
User Profile Page

Maps Page
Maps Page

Pricing Page
Pricing Page

Frontend & design:

  • 200 handcrafted UI elements, including Material Design cards and Material Design buttons
  • 28 example pages to get you inspired and help you go from prototyping to delivery faster
  • 15 optimized Vue.js plug-ins


  • Modular Vuex store with modules for each JSON:API resource
  • API-powered Laravel backend

Ready-to-use CRUDs

  • Role-based authentication system, my profile, CRUDs for managing users, roles, items, categories, and tags. In short, everything you need for a lightweight CMS, already coded.


  • Thorough documentation with commented code so you can follow along Get it now and save a ton of time with your next microservice-based project!

Vue Material Dashboard Laravel

Get The Product | Live Preview

😉Ps. If you are not sure whether this full-stack resource is the answer for you, check out its FREE VERSION.

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