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Creative Tim
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Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 - 9,999 Utility NFTs Sold Out in 60 minutes for our UI/UX Tools

Our first Web 3.0/NFTs project was launched last Friday after 11+ months of hard work and support from the BHero and Elrond community. The result was amazing; the collection Sold Out in only 1 hour.

NF-Tim is the NFTs utility project for Developers, Designers, Creators, and NFTs fans based on Elrond. If you are not common with this topic, then let me tell you a little about what NFTs mean. NFTs are unique, non-fungible tokens, based on blockchain technology that represents real-world objects like art, music, and videos and can be traded, used as an investment, collected, or used for their utility.

Below we want to share more about the journey and the factors that helped us have such a successful launch.

What is NF-Tim?

What is NF-Tim

NF-Tim by Creative Tim is a collection of 9,999 utility NFTs based on Elrond. The collection was first launched as the first NFTs utility project for Developers and Designers based on the Elrond blockchain; however, it shortly expanded its reach to Creators and NFTs fans thanks to the large number of people who embraced the project.

What is special about our project is the utility our NFTs bring to the Web 3.0 community. Therefore, if you are one of our NFTs holders, you will have access (besides your NFT) to a great number of premium products for Developers and Designers. See below what exactly the utilities are.

NF-Tim collection includes three types of NFTs:

  • Meta-Bots - if you hold one of these, you will have access to premium tools for web development based on one of the following technologies: Bootstrap, React, Angular, Vue.js, Mobile (React Native & Flutter), Backend (Laravel & other).
  • Meta-Humans - if you hold one of these, you will have access to 29 premium products on Figma/Sketch/Adobe XD/PSD; plus the Digital UI/UX Designer Book - “Fundamentals of Creating a Great UI/UX" by Creative Tim.
  • Meta-Tims - if you hold one of these, you will have access to all the resources mentioned above - 100+ premium product for developers and designers.


All these NFTs will include in the future many other perks & benefits for the holders, we just started with these options.

Click below to see the overview of our collection:
nft collection

As mentioned above, when we first came up with the idea of the project, we were focusing only on our main niche and how can we attract them to this new ecosystem. After pitching some ideas to our partners from Bhero Launchpad and taking the pulse of the crypto community, we decided we could do more than this.

Therefore, we decided to create a suite of Web 3.0 tools that our holders will benefit from and will not address only developers and designers.

Wandering who is Bhero Launchpad and what it means for our project? Check out below.

Who are our partners from BHero Launchpad?


BHero is a crypto launchpad designed for businesses who want to take their cryptocurrency project or NFTs onto the Elrond blockchain and to follow cryptocurrency's safer, legal route. Whether a first-time startup or a company bridging the gap between Web 2.0 businesses and Web 3.0, BHero will accelerate and accommodate its expansion. And here we are, fully confirming this.

BHero by Black Hat Network is our first partner and, probably, the most important one - acting as our official launchpad. BHero comes with a team of experts that have proven themselves in the industry and showed us support in every main aspect of our project's development: marketing, blockchain, and legal.

See below a podcast having Alexandru Paduraru (Creative Tim and NF-Tim's CEO) and Marius Grigoras (Black Hat Network and BHero's CEO):


Why did we Choose BHero?

We have seen many companies in this ecosystem that promise a lot and deliver less or not at all. Our primary way of doing things is to design, implement, and show to the world. That is how we started our business by building UI Tools and then telling the world about them. Black Hat Network / Bhero is one of the few teams that build and deliver, then build again, then deliver again, and so on. We've seen many synergies in the way we look at the Web 3.0 ecosystem. They have shown they are a great team and the right partner for us (Alexandru Paduraru - Creative Tim).

More details about our partnership, here.

Do you have any questions regarding BHero Launchpad or our partnership? Let us know on our Discord official server, or on our Telegram Channels.

What is Elrond?


Elrond is a blockchain-based platform that allows users to create and develop decentralized applications and cryptocurrencies; specifically designed to be secure, efficient, scalable and interoperable. Elrond's vision is to solve the limitations and challenges of the current blockchain and build a blockchain that reaches internet-scale performance and radically simplifies UX.

As an example of its objectives, Elrond can process more than 10,000 transactions per second with low transaction fees of $0.001 each and fast finality, whereas Bitcoin can only handle seven transactions per second.

Why did we choose Elrond?
After analyzing the multiple blockchain ecosystems, like Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, etc. and we decided that for this starting point we will need a chain that have small transaction fees (as many people from our audience will test a lot and don’t want to risk a lot of money), is stable (developers and builders like technology that works) and doesn’t have a massive developer community (this is where we want to help).

Considering the tools we plan to build, we decided that starting with Elrond is the best option where we can bring our experience and grow together.

More details about Elrond, here.

Do you have any questions regarding Elrond or why we chose it? Let us know on our Discord official server.

Our Project's Progress & Future Plans

NF-Tim's launch was last Friday (9th September), and the 9,999 NFTs collection sold out in 1 hour, with 50% of the collection sold in the first 9 minutes. With an ~53$ for each EGLD on the mint time, that means the sales mount a total of 530.000$.

We are so thankful for this success, and we believe it is the result of our team's hard work, our launchpad guidance, and especially, our community's support. This result gave us the confidence to keep up the work and build more!

See below our progress so far.

Building Web 3 Tools

It is a starter template for NFTs collection creators and is open source so that all the community can use it. Our dApp features include: showcasing all the NFTs that you own from a specific collection with details, login process using the cryptocurrency wallet, and an innovative design.

Our dApp will allow our holders to see their NFTs and download their products (utilities). What is even better is that we added a Statistics Feature and our holders will be able to analyze data regarding their favorite NFTs collections like:

  1. General info (like floor price & no. of traders)
  2. Volume & Trades
  3. Top 10 wallets
  4. Info about all NFTs holders

This template can be used as a starting point for any minting dApp. It comes with the most common sections like Header, About us, NFTs Carousel, Roadmap, and Team. It offers authentication with Maiar App, Web Wallet, Extension, and Ledger. It also includes methods to easily sign and make transactions, query smart contracts, and a few utility methods.

Web 3.0 Learning Articles

Now see below what we are planning next.

  • Creating a Rewards strategy for our NFTs holders;
  • Building more dApps that Creators and NFTs fans could use by the end of the year - 10 dApps in total;
  • Creating 5 more Web 3.0 Learning articles by the end of the year.

Final thoughts

Internet's growth has created new opportunities for businesses to reach their target audience and expand it very quickly. We are aware of this and that is how the idea behind NF-Tim was born. We wanted to take our Web 2 experience to the next Web and let our users know what we can do there.

Do you want to be a part of our Web 3.0 Journey and help us grow the ecosystem? Join our communities and let us know:

Do you want to find our NFTs collection? Check out the following marketplaces:

More updates about our project coming soon! ❤️

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I wondering when NFT in correct form will stop and everything will be worthless. There is a lot of potential in NFT but paying for silly small resolution images is just stupid.

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I've heard about NFT and it can be bought and sold but frankly I don't understand the flow and workflow.
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