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Get a 100k Flux grant for deploying your app on the Flux network

Flux has opened up applications for developers to get a 100,000 Flux (~$60,000 at time of writing) grant for creating and deploying something awesome on the Flux network.

If you've got the ideas, skills and motivation to build something truly unique, then Flux's Web3 cloud network is the place to build it.

What is Flux?

Flux is the leading Web3 cloud platform made up of over 2,275 community-run, decentralized nodes powered by the revolutionary second layer operating system: FluxOS.


Each node is capable of hosting dockerized applications with FluxOS ensuring that a set number of instances are run across the network. This ensures true decentralization and that your app is always available.

The Flux Network currently has close to 11,000 vCores, 36TB RAM and 800TB of SSD storage available for apps to consume.

Powering the ecosystem is the Flux blockchain, a Proof of Work chain that is used for rewarding miners and node operators, payment for compute resources and much more.

For a detailed overview of Flux, check out my one page overview:

Flux project overview

More information is available on my site

Apps already on the Flux Network

The Flux network already hosts dozens of games, apps and websites, as well as aspects of blockchain infrastructure for other projects - for example, Flux run nearly 1,000 nodes for Kadena distributed across the Flux Network.

The possibilities of what you can build on Flux are endless, with the Network being able to run any hardened dockerized image.

To see a complete list of apps running on Flux, check out:

100k Flux grants

Flux is looking for the next killer decentralized application and is inviting developers to submit their ideas to be in with a chance of getting one of those 100k $FLUX grants.

It can be a single app, a platform/system consisting of a combination of apps or something else entirely as long as it harnesses the strengths of a Web3 cloud and helps to grow the network.

Grants are give for the development proposals that are greenlighted by the community DAO and are paid in phases at key project milestones with the final amount paid on the final production deployment.

How to apply

For more details on how to apply and what winning the grant will mean, please check out the following post from the Flux team:

Further reading

If you'd like to learn more about the Flux project as a whole, then checkout the Flux website, drop by the Flux discord or give them a follow on Twitter.

I also cover Flux and other projects extensively on my own Twitter account, including regular updates to my project overviews and deep dives like this one that shows the earning potential of a Flux node:

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