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Get live crypto prices with python

Getting started

With all the craze around crypto coins I thought it would be a fun project to pull live prices from To first get started head over to to get signed up, from there hover over your user account and select API management. Give a name for your api project then copy and paste your api key and api secret to a text file, you only can view your secret once so make sure you save it in a good place.

The Code

First you need to pip install python-binance, from there

from binance.websockets import BinanceSocketManager
from binance.client import Client
client = Client(api_key, api_secret)
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Pass in your key and secret however you would like, then create the manager like so

bm = BinanceSocketManager(client)
# start any sockets here, i.e a trade socket
conn_key = bm.start_trade_socket('DOGEUSDT', process_message)
# then start the socket manager
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Almost there now all we need to do is create a callback to process the data

def process_message(msg):
    print("Current Price: {}".format(msg['p']))
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Now we can see the live price for Doge
Doge price

Read more here docs

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Syed Irfan Hussaini

Cannot import this in new version

from binance.websockets import BinanceSocketManager
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