Starting a ruby blog

It's 2018 so it seems like a good time to start a blog.  So I find myself starting a new career. I did this to myself, so I only really have me to blame.  I am or I was a Java engineer.  It was what I did for a living, and kind of my identity. So it was what I did for 13 years, and my god that sounds like a long time now that I am typing it out. Now that it is not the case, I signed myself up for a new career at Flywheel (not the sports one) and I have totally flipped to a Ruby stack.  To add more to my plate, I have also switched over to a Apple OS from Windows, and a start-up over a large enterprise operations.  Pretty much, it is different then everything I have done up until now.  Please wish me good luck!

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Good luck! Hope you cross-post some of your posts here :)

Good Luck! All the best for bright future :)

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Former Java engineer turned Ruby engineer who is trying to understand Ruby and Rails, MacOS and a lot of other things. I work at Flywheel, which is based in Omaha, NE.
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