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Streaming on the Road – Building a Studio Edition

Last week, I had the pleasure of producing the Twitch stream for the DEVintersection conference in Las Vegas. This is a tremendous event that the Microsoft .NET, Visual Studio, and Azure teams as well as the Google Angular team speak at. I brought my travel streaming rig to the MGM Grand and built a studio with a backdrop, lighting, and some extra large monitors. In this post, I’ll walk you through the preparation of that physical space in a series of photos.

The empty conference room 253 when I arrived at the venue. Let’s start pulling together those long tables.

The table backed up against the curtains will be our on-stage set, the left-table will hold our confidence monitor and camera, and the right table with my bags, tripod, and GFUEL will be our director’s station.

Unpacked and preparing to build the director’s station. From right: power bar, network router, Elgato HD60s capture card, Zoom H6 in case, microphones in soft case, Live Coders bluetooth keyboard, stream decks, Intel Hades Canyon NUC, XLR extension cables, Sony A6000 camera, portable display, bluetooth mouse and keyboard, Microsoft Surface Headphones, Airpods, and GFUEL.

Devices connected and configured. The director has a Lepow portable display connected by HDMI to the Intel NUC with 2 stream decks, a bluetooth keyboard and mouse. The Zoom H6 is used as a portable audio mixer with the microphones plugged in. Camera is mounted on a tripod with an Elgato CamLink connecting it to the Intel NUC

Wiring of the Intel NUC’s 6 USBs:
3 streamdecks (1 on-set), Zoom H6 audio capture,
Elgato HD60s for on-set video capture from guest’s laptop,
Elgato CamLink for video from camera

Backdrop in place

Final view with lighting in place and the down-stage confidence monitor for the hosts.

I also put together a brief tour of the space from before the lighting was installed. This was my first time using a hand-held gimbal, so the editing was a little tricky as I got rid of some of the awkward angles.

Hardware used to build this studio includes (affiliate links):
StreamDeck ►
Zoom H6 audio device ►
Lepow Portable Display ►
Intel Hades Canyon NUC: ►
Sony a6000 Camera ►
Elgato Camlink ►

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