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Learning & Memorization.

This article is my personal viewpoint on how to quickly and reliably remember a lot of information from different areas.
Obtaining knowledge is relatively easy but keeping it is another story.

A dev career certainly entails constant learning.
It is quite easy to forget what you don’t understand. So, making sure that you truly understand what you are learning is very important. How do you do that?

Do you need to memorize?

Learning programming is like learning a second language:
Once you learn it, it becomes intuitive - you easily pick up on common words, grammar, and syntax just as you learned English, or maybe a second natural language. it's therefore not memorization like multiplication tables, it's more of comprehension.

Best Practices:

Writing good code takes a lot of time and effort, so the best way to retain the information is through practice and repetition.

Build projects
You need to convert the knowledge from abstract to practical, run into difficulty during the process, make mistakes, then identify and correct them.
That process makes you more familiar with your newly acquired information.

Document the process.
The very act of handwriting appears to have important cognitive benefits. Note taking is an effective memory and learning aid because it prompts us to think about our learning.

Quiz yourself
Another good way to keep your knowledge and skills is to make a challenge for yourself. Answer the quiz questions related to the subject you are studying.

All the solutions already exist; we just must be able to find them!
It's ok to google solutions to problems.

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