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CSS Animation Guides

Animation in CSS is one of the most powerful things you can master for excellent UX development. Just don't overdo it!

This is a collection of top and trending guides written by the community on subjects related to CSS Animation concepts. For all things CSS, check out the CSS tag! Please contribute more posts like this to help your fellow developer in need.

10 of the best CSS animation libraries.

In this article I'm showing you 10 of the best CSS animation libraries I have found/encountered so far.

Displaying loading animation on Fetch API calls

In web development, one of the most important part is to use REST api. When I start working on api with vanilla JS, I noticed small time difference between call and response. It's good practice to show end user something is happening after his interaction with website.

So here's the guide of showing loading animation on fetch api calls with vanilla JS.

Let's get started

Pure HTML Animation - Animate SVG with

For a long time, everybody has been talking about CSS and JS animation or animation libraries. I am wondering why no one is talking about HTML <animate> tag.

Text Typing Animation Effect Using HTML & CSS

Sometimes you would like to have a nice and cool text animation like a typewriter text animation which makes it looks like a hacker type of thing. You can include this type of animation in your portfolio to show off or even on your business landing page. It just makes it looks elegant.

Adding a little animation to a website can make it eye-popping. There are various ways you can create animations, one of which is adding a typing effect to your text. Typewriter text animations are quick to implement and can do wonders for your website by making it look exceptionally impressive.

How to add @keyframes animation code in SCSS

In a CSS stylesheet, @keyframes animation code looks like this -

Pull to refresh animation with Vanilla JavaScript

A few days ago I came across this kind of animation on dribbble, so I thought why not come up with my version of it.

How to use Conditional Rendering with Animation in React

In this article we will code together an example of conditional rendering in React with a FadeIn/FadeOut effect.

Ofc you can use libraries like ReactCSSTransitionGroup to achieve that but if you just need to code a simple animation with conditional Rendering without using any 3rd Party Library then you are in the right place 😊

Skeleton Screen Loading Animation using HTML & CSS

In this article I have shown how Skeleton Screen Loading Animation is created using HTML CSS and JavaScript. I created this animation on a profile card.

Create an infinite scrolling animation with CSS πŸ’₯

You might have seen an infinite autoscrolling animation on a website with some logos. This scrolling animation looks really good. So let's see how we can do that

Fill Background Animation using CSS

Now lets give fill background animation for the 1st button:

Facebook loading animation using CSS3

Post Link :

Ripple Effect Animation On Button Click With CSS3

Post Link :

Mesmerizing animation using only CSS rotations πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ

I created an oddly satisfying CSS animation on codepen, using only rotations. It turns out it went a little bit viral on Reddit so I decided to share how I did it here :)

Top 20 SVG Animation in CodePen

Top 20 SVG Animation in CodePen

Creating a smooth landing page reveal animation with CSS animations and vanilla JS

This is my first post on Dev, so I will keep it simple and short. Recently I came back to Codepen after years to do what I love the most - create awesome stuff(at least I try to).

And this time I decided to put the big guns (react, vue, webgl, etc) aside and use the ultimate old school swiss knife (html, CSS, JavaScript) to create something.

Animations and interactions attract me the most when I visit a website or a product. Hence I tried to create a small animation and I had two things in mind:

β€’ Can I create something which does not require a lot of complex code or use of a library?

β€’ Despite being simple it should offer delightful user experience and should be smooth!

How to create Pure CSS Glitch Animation πŸ€– for Images and SVG

A few weeks ago, I made a post about how to make a Glitch Effect on pure CSS. But in that post I told you how to make a similar effect only for text. Today I want to tell you about how to implement such animation for images and SVG.

Flying Helicopter with CSS Animation (step-by-step guide)

In this article we gonna build a beautiful animation project using only HTML & CSS. This project is part of my "The Complete CSS3 Animations Course", and I assume that you are an intermediate-level CSS developer to build this project.


β›³ CSS3 Animation Properties That I used In this Project:

Simple Spinning Animation with CSS

I wanted to start exploring animations using CSS so I started with this simple example and wanted to share! VSCode has a very good MDN reference and suggestions concerning different animation functions. If you want to experiment more with bezier curves, check out

Awesome CSS Animation Hamburger Menu

Awesome Animation CSS Hamburger Menu - HTML5 CSS3 Tutorial

Loading Screen Animation using HTML CSS & JavaScript

The Preloader or Loader indicates the webpage is in the loading process. It helps to entertain your visitors or content viewers while the rest of the page's content is still loading. Loaders may simple or complex animation that is used on websites.

CSS Animation Without CSS - AOS in Plain JS and React

Most developers can agree on that statement. In fact many backend developers left the frontend because of the difficulty it posed. CSS Animation is one of the most difficult part of CSS. Well, there is good news.

Quick CSS : Make infinity loading animation for your next website.

Wonder, how to make a loading animation ? Let's see how you can make one very easily.

Smoke Animation Effect On Text By Using Html CSS

Hello guys today we will learn How to make smoke animation effect on the text by using HTML CSS

CSS 3D Rotation Animation Effects

Hello guys in this tutorial, we are going to learn how to add 3D rotation animation effects using html and css.

CSS 3D Transforms Methods

With the CSS transform property you can use the following 3D transformation methods:

FLIP animation but with React Hooks

Ideally, we need a hook to which we can pass a reference to our parent element, that contains children we want to animate. This allows us to avoid having refs to each child. Next, we want to specify animation details like transition duration or easing function. Finally, we need to tell it to only apply changes when dependencies change. Something like this:

Simple add to cart animation with CSS & JS

Hello, today I created a Simple add-to-cart animation with CSS & JS. Not great work but I hope you like this also comments about your thoughts. For more content follow me on Instagram @developer_nikhil27.

Code Flying Bird Animation with CSS on Web App

Have you ever gone on a website and thought to yourself: β€œWow this needs a little more life in it!” I say it more often than not and it was probably my biggest fear when it came down to developing my own web apps.

I wanted a web app that looked dynamic and caught your attention. Thats when I stumbled on this beautiful animation created by Kome on (

Mesmerizing animation using only CSS translations πŸͺ„

Two weeks ago I shared this animation using only rotations. This time I'm back at it, but only using translations.

Vertical Card Sliding Animation using only HTML & CSS

Hey friends, today in this blog you'll learn how to create Vertical Card Sliding Animation using only HTML & CSS. Earlier I have shared a blog on how to create a Responsive Owl-Carousel Card Slider using HTML CSS & jQuery and now I'm going to create pure CSS Vertical Card Carousel Animation.

How to make Floating animation in HTML CSS

In this blog, we will see how to we can make a little floating animation in HTML CSS only.

Scroll animation in Javascript using IntersectionObserver

Using animation in your portfolio site would be a great way to capture the users attention and make them stay longer on your site.

Image Zoom Animation with Scroll Wheel

Hello guys, in this tutorial we will create Image Zoom Animation with Scroll wheel using JavaScript

Netflix intro animation - Pure CSS

Recently I've cloned the Netflix's intro animation using only CSS and I got some great feedback about it, so I thought it would be great to share a bit about the development process of the animation step-by-step.

10 Simple Toggle Switch Animation Using CSS And JavaScript

Here I list 10 simple toggle button animation examples. All of them work based on simple transition property. JavaScript is used to toggle class to the elements and mimic the checkbox effect. I am not going to comment how this is created, try to build with your idea, this is simple, I limit the CSS styling to reduce complexities. Its just beginner level code, you can do it without any help. If you are have any doubt, comment it I will help you. I hope you will be able to design better than me. happy Coding

Flip Animation effect using CSS3

Post Link : Flip Animation effect using CSS3

CSS Loading Text Animation Effects

CSS Loading Text Animation Effects

Fade-in animation on scroll with IntersectionObserver(Vanilla JS)

It could be said that these animation features could help attract visitors to your website.

Make a flickering Neon SVG animation from scratch w/ Illustrator, React & Emotion

The flicker animation is a simple CSS keyframes animation on the opacity value. The same set of keyframes is used for both flicker1 and flicker2. The difference between the two is their duration and that flicker2 is delayed by 3s before it starts. Both are set to linear (no easing) and infinte, which means the animation will play on a loop continuously. I used the keyframes helper from @emotion/core to set the CSS keyframes from inside my JS file.

20 Best CSS Animation Resources

It’s just a matter of what type of animation you want and how you want to implement them. So that you don’t have to hop around from one website to another, we have curated 20 of the best CSS animation resources from libraries to generator tools in this article. Pick your favourite and start implementing it!

Skeleton Loading Screen Animation using only HTML & CSS

Hello readers, Today in this blog you'll learn how to create Skeleton Loading Screen Animation using only HTML & CSS. Earlier I have shared a blog on how to create a drag and drop list or draggable list in javascript and now it's time to create skeleton loading screen animation.

Building an image reveal animation with GreenSock

I saw this animation on a website on Awwwards (They have totally cool websites on their platform btw, you should check it out).

Only CSS Rain Animation Effects

Hello Guys! I have brought to you a very simple but awesome example of creating rain animation using only html and css. Don't forget to like, share and subscribe.

Random Stars Animation with JavaScript and CSS

I created this pen a long time ago when a client wanted this type of animation for a project. Maybe someone can use the code to make the animation smoother.

How to make a slick CSS animation from Upload (TV series title sequence)

The central part of the animation is the knockout text. There are a number of ways you can achieve this effect and it would be great to do it in CSS entirely, but there are some catches:

Happy CSS Animation coding!