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5 scents to help you get through bad days at work

I get it. Sometimes your job isn’t cutting it and you need a pick me up. In fact, sometimes your job just stinks- like literally. I once sat in a cubicle where the guy to my left wouldn’t stop farting and the cubicle dweller to my right wouldn’t stop burping.

I was literally hearing the sound of body gurgles in stereo audio.

Anyway… there are many reasons to introduce scents into your life bedsides deodorizing your workplace.

Scents have been proven to improve moods and to help with memory recall. While some people struggle with obsessing over their job, you simply might not want to be there at all. So the introduction of new scents might create happy vibes that enrich your day. Here are some suggestions:

#1 – Fun smells:

Feeling like you’re bored at work to the point where you won’t survive? Find smells that remind you of exciting times. I’m not sure why “Cuba” by Demeter does it for me since it reminds me of whiskey (which I love the smell but don’t often drink) and cigarettes (which I have never enjoyed first hand)… but it pulls me out of the doldrums of winter when I need it the most. Demeter has other odd scents that may remind you of good memories as well, such as popcorn, leather, crayons, or swimming pool.

#2 – Calming smells:

In a particularly stressful month, in a particularly crazy year, I was gifted Stress Relief by Bath & Bodyworks –I think the person was trying to tell me something, haha. The funny thing is that I wasn’t a real believer or even a fan of scented products (probably because I’m a cheap son of a B), but low and behold I love having this scent around when I need something to jolt me out of my mind. It’s cool and refreshing and can snap you out of your thoughts if you need it. Other scents known to provide calm are eucalyptus, lavender, and sandalwood.

#3 – Chocolate smells:

Do I really have to explain? Chocolate is awesome. If only you could get away with eating it all day! Instead, buy yourself some cheap chocolate sprays, or some fancy ones from Demeter to give yourself a tiny gift when work isn’t giving you the dopamine hit you wish it would. Many shops also make chocolate scented hand lotions and chocolate candles.

#4 – Lilac:

I can’t really explain why I like this smell, but it just helps me escape. You may find that floral and nature-related scents have a similar effect on you.

#5 – Whatever smell speaks to you!

Give yourself the gift of just taking the time to discover what you like. Bath & Body Works is a great standard place to go, Lush Cosmetics has lots of good smelly things, and you can almost always find a candle section to browse in places like Target.

Conclusion: Treat Yourself

Look, I was a non-believer in the power of smells. My wife slowly encouraged me to use my sense of smell, and I realized it was an essential sense that I’d been ignoring. So if you’re like me (hiding behind what I thought it meant to be a manly man), or a more enlightened human who might have just forgotten the value of scent… go treat yourself. If it makes work even slightly more enjoyable, it was worth the effort. My wife keeps these essential oil wipes in her bag especially for events that can bring her anxiety, like flying on a plane.

Bringing a scent along with you is like preparing a great music playlist. Good music and good scents can transform a car ride into a memorable road trip. In fact, the best scents are the ones that remind you of wonderful moments you’ve had and allow you to feel the gratitude for life.

What are some of your favorite scents for calming you down and helping you focus at work?

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