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Cubicle Buddha

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What is Cubicle Buddha + How We’re Gonna Get Happy

Happiness. It’s what we all basically want. We want the peace that comes with finally being okay.

Sure, but you (rightfully) ask: “What about me? I can meditate just fine at Yoga class… but I work in a fast-paced business that is always pushing me for more results.” Peace exists for you, too. We can even bring calmness into the workplace.

So how do we balance the quest for serenity in a world that won’t settle down?

We’ll answer that and more. Come back soon for practical articles such as tips on how to meditate without even knowing that you’re meditating. I’ll share my failures in the workplace (of which there are many) and what I’ve learned about my mind in the process. I won’t be doing it alone– every discovery process works best with community. I love this quote from Thich Nhat Hanh who describes community (or “sangha”) as:

“The role of meditation, the role of community building, the role of healing and transforming in our daily life is crucial for the environment. You cannot just have projects and initiatives without taking care of the suffering inside.“

See that’s why I consider Thich Nhat Hanh a part of my community (even though I have never met him). It’s incredible how he speaks to the balance between projects/work and internal growth. It’s clear to me that becoming a better employee means becoming a better person. As I have been suspecting… happy people are more productive people.

I’m just starting on this adventure into a calmer, happier workplace, but I am so encouraged by what I’m learning from friends and coworkers about their experiences with mindfulness. So that’s were I’ll be depending on your questions and input. Share with us on Twitter, Facebook, or in the comments below about how mindfulness has impacted your work. I can’t believe how awesome it is that friends and coworkers have already reached out with questions and topics from only having read the first article! This is really inspiring. Let’s help each other learn how to find peace.

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