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Coveed: Help to mitigate stress on the medical infrastructure.

What I built

Coveed - a tool that attempts to assist in the fight against the ongoing covid-19 pandemic by lessening the workload of health care workers. It does this by helping manage patients whose cases might not be as severe.

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Program for the People (Covid-19)

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Coveed is a tool, that helps health workers monitor the health status of covid19 patients while allowing patients to create health profiles that health workers rely on for review and medical recommendations/advice. It also features, an emergency failsafe for instances where patients' health deteriorates.

Who can use Coveed

  • Tested patients (with minimal symptoms) who wish to self-isolate.

  • People who suspect that they have been infected, and are experiencing mild symptoms.

How it Works

  • A user signs up and he gets to add his symptoms on a daily basis to the app, and the app records that data over the space of two weeks.

  • The data is then sent to a review staging area. where a certified medical practitioner (MP) can review the progress of the patient based on his/her medical history. The MP can recommend that the patient stays on the app for an extra two weeks in isolation or schedule a test for the patient, and can as well flag a patient for an emergency.

  • While a patient is on the app the patient can willingly contact emergency and will consent to have his location revealed to health agencies, and be picked up to a proper isolation center if he observes that he's unstable.

Benefits of Coveed

  • It eases the tension on the medical system since lots of cases can be addressed remotely

  • Lowers the chances of front-liners in this war against Covid19 - getting infected

  • More cases can be brought under the radar, lots of people here in Nigeria, are either afraid to go for tests or ignorant, with this, we can keep an eye on them.

Link to Source Code

Permissive License

MIT License


I saw a problem that needed fixing, and thought I might devote mysef to fixing it. Helping to reduce the strain on the medical infrastructure is crucial if the fight against Covid-19 is to be won. Events in Italy made it ever moreso clear why the need for a revolutionary approach towards treating pandemic victims was necessary.

How I built it

I used DigitalOcean's App platform to deploy a react app. The process was very straightforward, I set some simple presets like app region, environmental variables, pricing plan, and the app was live in a matter of minutes.

I learned about using a YAML file to define an app's specifications while trying to set up the "Deploy to DigitalOcean" button. That was new to me.

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Shailesh Vasandani

Great work! Given the worldwide nature of the COVID pandemic I think it's super important that we as developers do what we can to contribute to fighting it - your app is a great example of this.

Thanks for sharing!

curiouspaul1 profile image
Curious Paul

Thanks a lot for the feedback I appreciate it

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Joseph Olabisi

Innovative πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

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Idris Idris

Nice job brother

hammedbabatunde profile image

Nice work Paul