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How to survive in a tech company if you're non tech savvy?

I'm a non tech savvy person, which means the most advanced thing I've ever encountered in my life is Microsoft Excel.

I just applied for a job as a PR Specialist in a technology company and as much as I'm excited for the job, I'm terrified as well.

During the weekly session, they're talking about Java Script, Python, Framework, and tons of other words that I have absolutely no idea about.

I want to do well for my job, but I'm not sure where to start.

Is there anything that I can start doing to get adapted to the new environment?

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Just start somewhere. Don't try to be a superhero - you're new to the field and everyone knows that. Don't be shy to ask, if your colleagues are nice (finger-crossed) they'll help you out.

Developers are mostly self-taught so they should be very open for discussion and Q&A. Take notes, take a lot of notes. Try to digitize your work so you get used of the "hi-tech" environment. Starting with a to-do list app, stop working traditionally.

Don't get freaked out by the "terms". You're not an expert of this field, it's normal to not understand everything they said. No one can understand everything - take it easy.

Relax, you're learning. Things will get better.

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Thank you so so so much!! I will definitely try to calm down :'(

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Nijeesh Joshy

If you dont know something ask someone, just during coffee or lunch breaks. Most of the devs i know will love to have a discussion, conversations, or explaining about something they do every day or loves doing.

fair warning :- They might not stop once they start ;)

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Alan Solitar
  1. Ask questions -- don't feel embarrassed and ask away. All of them also had a time where they lacked tech knowledge. If they're decent people, they'll be happy enough to answer your questions and engage in discussion.

  2. Maybe read some tech blogs or subreddits about what types of technology are popular in software development.

  3. Maybe follow along with a basic hour or so long coding tutorial on youtube -- just so you can get a sense of what programmers do on a daily basis and what their work entails.