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As a dev, what do you think about time-tracking?

cwisefool profile image cwisefool ・1 min read

i.e. do you consider them a bureaucratic time-waste, a genuinely useful practice, or something more complicated? :)


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Martín Vukovic

As a freelance developer I think it's a valuable tool. Time tracking allows me to estimate how much my time is worth, or if I am losing money with some projects and need to maje some adjustments on my rates. But it's a self-imposed control that I am willing to do from time to time on specific cases.

In other contexts, maybe not so much. Being forced to time track by a project manager or something like that, specially if the people who hired you don't trust you and want to have some "guarantee" that you are working hard enough at home, that's just sad. It will feel like a waste of time, and probably will be.

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Adrian E.

I love time tracking. So x get a feeling of time per issue. That's important for project management, especially when I have to calculate a price per project. Customers love fixed prices. Better to win on the bet 😜

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ender minyard

I'm not sure what the point of it is. Is it something you do at your job?

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cwisefool Author

Yeah, pretty much every software development team at every company I've worked for has had devs log time.

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ender minyard

I see. Well, that doesn't sound fun.

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I am very excited for @julianrubisch 's upcoming crowsnestapp.com/

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Adrian Emil Grigore

If it's done for supervision reasons, I dissagree if it's done for billing reasons, then I might agree.