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Stress in software development industry.

Hello folks,
Hopefully, everything went well this last week! As I promised I will be sharing my every-week experience in TaskForce at Awesomity and codeOfAfrica. This week was not easy at all but after all, it was worth it.

I know many of you guys might have been through what I have been through this week and you managed to get away from it gracefully. So guys this week which were my week4 I was in a team of 4 developers and we were tasked to set up the project structure and implement all the endpoints by the end of Friday and it was a stressful week for us as setting up a project is not an easy task.

The good thing is that we had a session about stress management and all the things we did learn in that session helped me to cope up with the stress I had this week it was really a good session to have.

The good part about my team is that we managed to 4devide the task into parts and we had to take tasks one by one and each task was allocated to one team member. this approach we had in the team was the one that helped us to deliver and join the demo with working features.

There is one thing I have learned this week. That one thing is to prioritize the tasks. Yeah prioritizing your tasks will help you meet the customer's needs because you will be hitting on the points that are needed compared to other features. I am saying this because the task I had this week was to work on the authentication of the project we were working on and I had to first look at the features that are needed most and to see which feature depends on what feature.

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