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My two cents:

  • Start with what you know. If you mainly work with Python then learn to create games with it. Download PyGame (or equivalent), maybe grab a book like this one: and make your first games. Learn the fundamentals (managing state, collision detection, simple AI, sprites animation, etc...) before trying anything else.

  • Once you feel comfortable with game creation, take a look at some job offers. Identify which role(s) interest you and write down the set of technologies quoted in related job offers, then build a portfolio of games and/or game tools built with the relevant technologies.


Thanks a lot for such a methodical approach. This clears up a lot by not running here and there on C++ or C# for different gaming engines. Sticking to Python for now and trying to come up with some basic games sounds pretty smart to me. Really appreciate the suggestion.


Why not both? You’ve just missed the most recent, but the PyWeek contests celebrate Python programmers building games for a week every 6 months.

For Unity, you’ll be pivoting to C#; I think the Unreal Engine has more language options available.


Thanks a lot for your response. I would prefer to have both skills in my arsenal. Also, PyWeek seems to be a really good starting point. Thanks a lot for your suggestion.


I'm currently working as a Python developer, but I'm thinking of changing my career path and get into game development. Anu suggestions? Also, I found out about Unity and Unreal engines. Both look amazing, but not sure which one to start with.

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