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[Question] Handle multiples users on same page, real-time

Hellooo ! How are you guys doing ?

Here's the deal:

I have an angular app with express backend.
There's a page that displays a table, pretty simple, rows, column, pagination, pretty sure you know what i mean. Users can click on a row to get access the row details.
Let's welcome our users: Marc and Eric.
Marc goes to the table page, starts navigating through the table, clicking some rows and doing stuff.
Suddenly, Eric goes to the table page too.

Is there a simple way to highlight on Eric's table the row that Marc clicked so they don't bother checking the same row details ? And this without refresh ? And on real-time ?

Thanks for reading me, can't wait to read your responses !
Have a nice day and take care, feel free to ask if you want more informations ! ♥

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