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Daniel Neveux
Daniel Neveux

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Wizar devlog 04: circular menu for React Native

Not big advancements this week. I have integrated the circular menu in Wizar and began to convert it for React Native to prepare the next Release of Sproutch UI

Here the result so far. Pretty like the web version but remains some kirks to fix, as the delay of the longtouch.

Circular menu for React Native

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khauri profile image

Very cool! How hard do you think it would be to add a a trail connecting the nodes you choose?
I once had an idea to create a mobile programmers "keyboard" that would allow you to swipe in predictable patterns from a circular menu in order to generate some common syntaxes. Had to give it up because the code and I weren't getting along.

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Daniel Neveux

Not so hard I guess. As the parent node is responsible to draw its child we could easily connect them with any kind of symbol.