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Daichi Hashimura
Daichi Hashimura

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πŸ€“ Blogs, Podcasts & other Resources...

HiπŸ‘‹! Hoping everyone is doing well in these hard times.
This is my first ever blog post, so I would like to give a really brief introduction of myself.

I'm a self-taught frontend developer based in TokyoπŸ—Ό. My current interests are Javascript, React.js, Typescript, and Web Accessibility, so I am looking forward to sharing what I've learned about each topic.


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I don't want to just say hiπŸ‘‹ and end this post, so as I wrote in the title I would like to share some Blogs, Podcasts, Resources about web development, frontend, accessibility that I've found useful and use every day at work or for learning something new.

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Other Resources


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πŸ€– WebDev, Programming & Stuff...

πŸ€–πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ WebDev, Programming & Stuff... but in Japanese

🦾 Accessibility(A11Y)

I might be missing some but these are some Blogs, Podcasts, and Resources that I like and use a lot.
Hoping someone finds this useful πŸ™‚.

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Bill Raymond

Thank you for the introduction and all the resources! I like to use Google Lighthouse as a way to validate my site for accessibility. Of course it does not cover everything, but it does capture the items that are most common with websites.

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Daichi Hashimura

Hi Bill! Thanks for the comment. Hope you found sth usefulπŸ™‚.

I like to use Google Lighthouse as a way to validate my site for accessibility.

Indeed it is a great tool. I like to use it too. Thanks for sharing! πŸŽ‰ ( added to the list 😏). Also added new a11y resources too.