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Chris Bongers
Chris Bongers

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100 Articles 🥳

Wow, 100 days fly by so quickly! Can you imagine I've written 100 articles in 100 days already?

I've started this challenge just before lockdown to keep me busy and sane, and so far it's been working very well.

Also, of course, it's hard some days to find a fresh topic to write about, but the bigger the audience, the more input I'm receiving, which makes it easier to write.

Some Statistics

I like to show you guys some statistics, and then blogging doesn't make you instantly famous or makes you any money

Disclaimer: This blog only costs me a lot of money 😂

  • 100 Articles in 100 days!
  • 54 people subscribed to my daily newsletter
  • 3.7K Visitors
  • 4.5K Sessions
  • Average 44s Session
  • 826 Twitter Followers
  • 420 Instagram Followers
  • Still, a lot of fun to write and receive comments!

Top posts

I thought it would also be cool to show you guys the top 10 posts in visits:

  1. How to use Google Fonts
  2. CSS keyframe animation floating blocks
  3. CSS only expanding slider 😲
  4. Building a Static Blog with 11ty
  5. CSS Flip Cards
  6. Vanilla JavaScript event listener on Multiple elements
  7. Fontawesome SVG Alternative
  8. Hosting a Static Blog on Netlify
  9. Vanilla JavaScript Scroll to Top
  10. HTML Input Types

Future Plans

I hope to stick to my everyday article, like mentioned some days it gets a bit tricky finding a topic to write about.

With the awesome dev community, I'm sure there's so much to write about, and the site will keep growing!

How you can help!

I don't want to earn money with this blog; it's a project to help new developers getting better, and maybe teach a thing or two to the advanced ones.

What you can do to help me!

  • Give me a follow on Twitter and Instagram
  • Subscribe to my Mailchimp list
  • Visit my blog!
  • Spread the word
  • Ask me questions on topics your struggling with

Again, Thank you so much for all your support so far, and let's keep the site growing.

Thank you for reading, and let's connect!

Thank you for reading my blog. Feel free to subscribe to my email newsletter and connect on Facebook or Twitter

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Carlos Roso

Congrats on the consistency, keep it up!

dailydevtips1 profile image
Chris Bongers

Thanks buddy, Will do my best 🔥