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Chris Bongers
Chris Bongers

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My first month as a software engineer at

Can you believe it's already been a month since I joined the fantastic team over at!

This article is an honest opinion about how I experienced this first month and what I've learned.

How quick can you get started

If you know, you might quickly realize it's quite the system. So I initially thought it would take me quite a while to get familiar with the system and codebase.

I started work on the 1st of September (A Friday), and I already launched my first ever feature in the wild on Monday! 🤯

Settings dropdown menu in

Wow, what a rollercoaster on the first two days.

This is not because I'm such a fantastic developer. It's because Ido and the team set up such an excellent initial system.
Their docs are super-advanced, and the development flow works.

This made it possible to get started so quickly and develop a full-on feature in no-time.

Life is about more than development

On my first day, I also launched a blog post about adding a DevCard to your GitHub profile.

And throughout working for them, you quickly learn these kinds of jobs are not just development jobs.
They are also advocacy jobs, writing documentation jobs, and being a user of the product jobs.

And there is only one thing I can say about that: I love it!
I've never had so much joy in doing my job.

I was an advocate for the product long before even joining them.

When a product works, you want. To give your honest opinion about it and let other people know how great it is.

And how amazing is it to be able to work for them!

Humble yourself

With the above said, I must say I'm very humbled to be part of the team. I feel super privileged to be chosen as one of the team members.

It doesn't even feel like being an employee, but being part of an incredible group of people who do amazing things for developers!

Another thing I've learned, and I keep learning in every new job, is to humble yourself in your skills.

Working with Lee and Ido on new features shows you how crazy-skilled some people are. It's very cool to be part of code reviews and solutions designs with these two legends.

It's teaching me so much, and it's empowering me to become an even greater developer.

Thank you so much, Lee and Ido, for all the fantastic PR reviews and code talks

Keep on learning

That brings me to the next point, as it's one of my absolute favorite things about development.

Keep on learning!
You are never done learning if you enter the web development world.

Frameworks change, evolve, deprecate, and new tech will rise. So try and keep up with the latest trends.

It doesn't mean you should know all the trends inside out, but reading articles, trying it out might help.

And hey, what better way to read articles than to use 😏


I'm super grateful to Nimrod, Ido, and Tsahi for hiring me. And super happy to be part of this fantastic team.

Watch this space as a lot of amazing things are in the pipeline.

Thank you for reading, and let's connect!

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Moinul Moin

Congrats, buddy😍

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Chris Bongers

Thanks Moinul!