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⚛️ JavaScript Interview Questions, React, CSS, and More — Weekly Picks #113

We are back with the weekly picks of the first week of February. This time again, there are a lot of JavaScript posts and a mix of React and Frontend in general.

To me, it seems like more of a year of JavaScript so far. The developer community at Daily just loves those articles. Let's see what's in the weekly picks this time. ⚡️

1️⃣ 11 Recommended Tools for Frontend Developers

In this post, Shaumik talks about 11 different types of tools that a frontend developer must-have. Although he shares his favorite ones in this article, he also discusses a few alternatives. If you haven't figured out your favorite set of tools, you can use this to get an idea of what options you have or what other developers like. 🙌

2️⃣ Escape the Pyramid of Doom

👨‍💻 A precise and useful read by gitconnected. In this post, Eduardo effectively explain what is Pyramid of Doom and how we can avoid it. He provides an example of the Pyramid of Doom and then suggests some refactors to elaborate on how to avoid it.

3️⃣ A very famous Javascript interview question

Another small yet interesting post from gitconnected. In this post, Yogesh explains a very famous JavaScript interview question and discusses possible solutions to it. It asks you to define a product function which can be invoked in the following ways:

product(4,5); // 20
product(4)(5); // 20
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So, if you are a JS dev, definitely check it out.

4️⃣ A JavaScript interview question asked at Google

Another interesting JavaScript question that was asked at Google. The question is described as:

Write a class, EventEmitter that has three methods: on, emit, and removeListener.

  • on("eventName", callbackFn) - a function that takes an eventName and a callbackFn, should save the callbackFn to be called when the event with eventName is emitted.
  • emit("eventName", data) - a function that takes an eventName and data object, should call the callbackFns associated with that event and pass them the data object.
  • removeListener("eventName", callbackFn) - a function that takes eventName and callbackFn, should remove that callbackFn from the event.

Following the question, the author discusses the solution to this question. If you are curious to know or want to discuss the solution, feel free to check out the post and join the discussion in the comments.

5️⃣ 4 Ways to Reuse React Components

⚛️ The idea of components sharing makes our lives easier while developing frontend applications. This post discusses different ways to make reusable React components. If you are a React developer or use any JS framework for that matter, you should check out this post.

6️⃣ Top 7 React Admin Dashboard

Applications often require a dashboard and it could be very time-consuming and frustrating. That's why sometimes it's better to just use the pre-built templates and make the changes according to your requirements. This post list 7 React admin dashboards that you can use for your projects. 🎨

7️⃣ Top 6 Features of PHP 7.4 — Explained with Examples

PHP 7.4 was introduced in November last year with new features. This post explains some of the new exciting features introduced in this version. It contains coding snippets and discusses how it simplifies the things for developers. 🔥

8️⃣ What's the Difference Between a Junior and a Senior Developer?

It's a detailed post by Eric which discusses how different levels of software developers are classified and what is expected of them. Read this post to develop an understanding of different ranks and how you can quickly climb those levels. 💯

9️⃣ Electron Desktop JavaScript Framework Finds a New Home

🎯 In the recent Node+JS Interactive conference in Montreal, Electron joined OpenJS Foundation. Check out this post to know what it means for Electron and how it might change/affect the future of Electron.

🔟 12 Best CSS Animations on CodeCanyon

CSS animations are an essential part of a project and they can be hard. As I mentioned earlier for dashboards, sometimes the cost of purchasing the pre-built stuff is less than doing it from scratch. If you are in a similar situation, you can check out these incredible CSS animations on CodeCanyon to buy and plug into your project. 🤞

🙌 Wrap Up!

This was all from the previous week. Let's know what you think of the trends this week in the comments below.

We will come back with another list of interesting development posts next week. Till then, peace! ✌️

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