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πŸ”₯ JavaScript Quiz, React Updates, SVG Animation, and more β€” Weekly Picks #117

Hey, it's the first week of March! Two months went by pretty fast! Again, we'd an amazing week. We shared a few FAQs about Daily to help our users and also sponsored NodeTLV 2020. πŸ™Œ

We strive our best to help developers be the best at what they do and help developer communities to grow! Daily is all about that. 🌟

Before we jump onto the Weekly Picks #117, let's do a quick recap of last week!

And a lot more coming towards the end of this week!

⚑️ Now, let's jump to the weekly picks and see what developers are looking for this week.

1️⃣ Like console.log But Better

I can't recommend this post enough. It's super super helpful for significantly improving your debugging skills. Check this post to learn about different useful ways to make debugging easier with console statements. πŸŽ–

2️⃣ You Think You Know CSS

It's a complete series originally published at It focusses on different CSS topics to help you learn them deeply. So you can talk and write CSS more comfortably. πŸ’―

3️⃣ ⭐️ Interactive JavaScript Quiz #1

If you are a JavaScript developer, you should definitely check it out to refresh/test your JS concepts. Lydia has a great taste for teaching things with amazing GIFs and explanations! Go check it out. πŸ”₯

4️⃣ 5 Best Front-end JavaScript Frameworks

🎨 This post discusses the 4 most popular JavaScript frameworks in a fun way. Unlike any other comparison, it talks about average salaries, company sizes, average experience, and satisfaction associated with them. It definitely provides a good overview.

5️⃣ REST API Design Best Practices

🎯 REST is a popular design choice for APIs nowadays. This post discusses some best practices that you can utilize to improve your API design. Those choices will definitely help you in the longer run.

6️⃣ What's wrong with

πŸ€” A beginner who bought 1y membership of shared his experience in this post. He talked about his expectations vs what it turned out to be. I believe it's a great post for beginners out there thinking of purchasing a course/subscription of such platforms.

Lastly, there is a great discussion in the comments that you can follow to develop a better overview.

7️⃣ React v16.13.0

This one is from the official React blog published by Sunil Pai. You must know him if you follow the React community closely. This latest post from the blog contains the updates introduced in the new v16.13.0 of React. βš›οΈ

8️⃣ Create SVG Morphing Animation with Anime.js

Doing SVGs is a complete skillset. It requires a lot of sophistication and details to get things to write. Gladly, there are tools available that make it super easy. This tutorial takes a look at how you can do SVG morphing animation with anime.js. πŸ’―

9️⃣ Notification Triggers

An insightful and super useful post to learn about Notification Triggers by It allows you to create offline notification which you might need for certain use cases. It's a detailed post with a demo implementation and code snippets to help you get started! 🌟

πŸ”Ÿ Angular vs React vs Vue: Which Is the Best Choice for 2020?

It's a very detailed and insightful post written by Sophie Martin. It compares Angular, React, and Vue with respect to their background, popularity, performance, migration, learning Curve, size, deployment, and community.

πŸ™Œ Wrap Up!

Seems like this week was all about JavaScript and frontend with the majority of posts published at Lately, there has been a lot of JS posts in the weekly picks. It clearly shows how much devs are investing in JavaScript. ⚑️

That was all for this week. We will come back with another list of interesting development posts next week. Till then, peace! ✌️

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