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πŸ”₯ Software Design, Remote Work, Authentication Solutions, and More β€” Weekly Picks #119

It has been a tough week around the globe due to the widespread COVID-19. We hope you all are doing great and taking care of yourselves. It's a tough time. Everyone, stay safe. ❀️

We are back again with the weekly picks of the last week. Let's see what developers had been looking at this week.

1️⃣ 10 Git Techniques You Need to Know Before You Join a Team

Git is one of the basic skills to have in developers nowadays. This post lists 10 basic Git techniques that you should now as a developer at least. They'll help you quickly get started with versioning. πŸ’―

2️⃣ 11 Chrome APIs that Give Your Web App a Native Feel

Web apps are a great way to deliver applications on cross-platform without writing separate code for each. Still, people prefer native applications because web apps fail to fully utilize the power of the device. And that's true as well.

This post contains 11 Chrome APIs that will help you give your web app a more native-like feel. It's a great list and contains some APIs that I didn't even know exist. Worth checking out. ⚑️

3️⃣ 5 Ways to Share Code in 2020

Application design is a serious issue. It's hard to follow all the design principles, avoid duplication, coupling, and whatnot. This reading discusses 5 ways to effectively share code and improve your application design. πŸ”₯

4️⃣ All the startups threatened by iOS 14’s new features

New updates of iOS and Android means better performance, security, and new features. Sometimes those features are already provided by third-party applications. Having those functionalities as built-in features hurt those the life of those apps, hence the startups. This post is all about a few such features introduced by iOS 14. 🧐

5️⃣ WeHatePasswords β€” Replace passwords on your site with cute pixel art

🎯 Remembering passwords is hard. That's why we have tons of applications to remember our passwords and manage them from one place. This product hunted at ProductHunt aims to provide an alternative to passwords, i.e pixel arts. Draw a pixel art instead of writing a password every time to log in.

6️⃣ Why Development Teams are Slow

πŸ€” We all know software development and design decisions are difficult. Despite all planning, we often find ourselves in unimagined problems that hinder our progress. In this post, Eric discusses a few points in detail which lead to slow progress of teams.

7️⃣ Gear Up for Remote Work

Considering the current COVID-19 situation almost every tech company is shifting to Work From Home (WFH) model. It is necessary to have an optimal setup to operate properly from home. In this post, Eric discusses how you can prepare for an effective home office to work from home. ✨

8️⃣ Online courses recommendation

That's one of the discussion posts which got a lot of attraction at The comments section of this post is super useful and contains a number of links to useful resources. Worth checking out. πŸ’―

9️⃣ DID β€” The simplest way to add passwordless auth to websites & apps

It's another authentication product that I saw on ProductHunt this week. It provides authentication by storing a key-pair on the user's device. It is also compatible with Oauth and Open ID Connect. I would recommend checking it out.

πŸ”Ÿ Paradox of scale: why Netflix couldn't build Netflix

πŸš€ This post contains notes of another post published on Medium originally. If you want to quickly sift through that post, these notes are for you. It talks about the paradox of building large/complex applications. There's a lot to learn and take notes of.

πŸ™Œ Wrap Up!

That was all for this week. We will come back with another list of interesting development posts next week. Stay safe. Peace! ✌️

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