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πŸ”₯ What's Hot in Web Development? β€” Weekly Picks #136

🌟 This week we have all around posts about web development, professional growth posts, and awesome new products. They are all listed down there πŸ‘‡
As always, all posts were ranked by community. Shout out to all the authors. πŸ‘

So, let's get it started.

1️⃣ Openbase - Choose the right open-source package every time

πŸš€ Openbase is a new project that was launched this week on ProuctHunt and made it to 2nd place! Openbase will help you choose the right open source library by doing a side-by-side comparison and sharing community insights. If you like it make sure to support them on ProductHunt

2️⃣ Fullstack Microservice Web App in Minutes

The author introduces his node microservice framework - SMF. The post walks you through building a full-blown application from scratch using SMF, react, nginx, node, express, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, and deploy everything using containers to AWS.πŸ€–

3️⃣ Ten modern layouts in one line of CSS

πŸ’Ž This by far one of my personal liked posts recently, it's a true gem. The author presents ten layouts that you've most likely bumped into while browsing the web and implement them as one-liner is CSS. Most layouts are based on flex and grid. Every layout has a video demo, super easy to grasp.

4️⃣ Alternative Career Paths for Software Developers

πŸ€” Many of us wonder what else they can do besides being a software developer for various reasons. The article lists 23 different roles that you can shift to. It is divided by customer-facing, product, support, writing, analytical, and independent roles.

5️⃣ Puppertino - A CSS framework based on Apple's design and human guidelines

The title is very straightforward. Puppertino is a design system library to looks alike Apple's UI components. 🎨

6️⃣ Currying in JavaScript

πŸŽƒ Don't we all love functional programming? I know I do! Currying is a well-known practice in FP and although JavaScript is not a pure FP language, the author shows how to implement currying with just a few lines of code.

7️⃣ Frosted glass card overlay

πŸ₯Ά A pen that demonstrates how to use the CSS filter property to implement a frosted glass-like card element.

8️⃣ Why Developers Stop Learning: Rise of the Expert Beginner

An interesting piece that promotes the concept of an Expert Beginner. Expert Beginner is people who think themselves as experts that have nothing else to learn. This perspective blocks them from improving and getting better. While other competent people strive to improve and learn until they genuinely become experts. πŸ†™

9️⃣ How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Messaging App Like Whatsapp or Telegram in 2020

This is a very high-level non-technical post, it targets people who would like to out-source a development team to build a messaging app. It goes through planning an MVP, crafting a monetization model, and estimation of cost for development. πŸ’¬

πŸ”Ÿ 10 useful web development newsletters

πŸ—ž What else can be said? A list of 10 popular web development newsletters. You can subscribe right away to stay on top of all the dev news.

πŸ™Œ Wrap Up!

That was all for this week. We will come back with another list of interesting development posts next week.

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Lior Grossman • Edited

Really glad to hear the community liked
Thanks for the mention Ido!

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Ido Shamun

Thank you for building such an excellent product 😊

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Rattanak Chea

Awesome collection to add to my long list.

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Ido Shamun

The well known "Read It Later" list. Mine is also super long πŸ˜…

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Rattanak Chea

Lol. Same here. I have Read Later Syndrome and Can't find it later.

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Ido Shamun

I 100% relate. With you can discover now, read it later and forget about your syndrome. This is exactly why I created it

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Tarek Hamaoui

Nice collection. thanks!

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Ido Shamun

Thank you! :)