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πŸ”₯ What's Hot in Web Development? β€” Weekly Picks #156

Every week we publish the top 10 popular posts on

This week features a lot of code newbies resources, AI bots, JavaScript quirks, and more.

Shout out to all the authors πŸ‘

This Person Does Not Exist

πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ This Person Does Not Exist is a website that generates faces of people that do not exist using AI. Barry raises some of the social concerns and potential abuse of such technology.

10 Awesome Github Repos Every Web Developer Should Know

😎 A list of GitHub repos for beginners to boost your web development knowledge. They're mostly theoretical and will help you to ace your next job interview.

10 Coding principles that no one will teach you

🎩 I've seen many articles that list coding tips. But although this list targets data scientists, some of these principles are unique and can serve well any developer.

Why Is {} > []?

🀯 JavaScript has its quirks, we all love to find them. Every now and then there's a discovery. Here's the latest one that explains why {} is greater than [].

I made 100 high-quality illustrations, totally free. Use it anywhere without attribution.

🎨 The title says it all. If you're looking for high-quality illustrations, check out this awesome resource.

Web Developer Roadmap for 2021

🐣 If you're a code newbie or looking to get into web development, this is a great resource for you. It gives you references to topics you need to learn and in the exact order you have to learn it.

Stop Using "data" as a Variable Name

βœ‹ Unindicative names are all around, I often do it myself because it can so hard to name things. This article explains why it's so important to name correctly and gives you some tips.

Building a Scalable API in Node

πŸš€ An in-depth review including code snippets for building an API using NodeJS and TypeScript.

Reveal.js: HTML presentation framework

🎬 An incredible library for creating HTML-based presentations. Brilliant transitions combined with the flexibility of programming.

How i automated my WhatsApp chats

πŸ’¬ Learn how to use the Python library, ChatterBot, to create a bot that impersonates you and reply to people on WhatsApp.

πŸ™Œ Wrap Up!

That was all for this week. We will come back with another list of interesting development posts next week. delivers the best programming news every new tab. We will rank hundreds of qualified sources for you so that you can hack the future.

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