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Go Modules - Dependency Management Made Easy

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Go Tutorials (13 Part Series)

1) Looking for feedback on Golang Crash Course Video 2) My second programming tutorial - Go Concurrency Crash Course 3 ... 11 3) Did you know you can create a REST API in Go using only the standard packages? 4) All about interfaces in Go 5) Go Modules - Dependency Management Made Easy 6) Lets splash a little MySQL with our Go 7) Go's Template Package is Pretty Powerful 8) Go has no exceptions, no try catch, only ERROR. 9) Error Chains in Go 1.13 10) Channel your inner snek 🐍 to configure your Go programs 11) Take command of your go programs with Cobra 🐍 12) Lets go on a ride with logs in Go 13) Lets do some magic tricks with Go Slices

Managing dependencies in go used to be a mess. There were about 3-4 widely used packages to manage dependencies, which sometimes made it weird to work on another code base that used a different dependency management tool.

Finally in 1.11, go included its own dependency management tool called go modules. Go modules is now the standard way of handling your go project's dependencies.

In this video, I go a brief run down of how to add dependencies to your project, get a better understand of why certain packages are being included, and how to trim old dependencies out of your project.

Check it out and let me know what ya'll think. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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