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1MB - Free Website Hosting

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Today I’d like to introduce you all to a project of mine. It’s called 1MB (one megabyte). It’s a platform for creating what I like to call “micro sites”. What is a micro site?

  • A micro site’s source code cannot exceed 1MB in size.

  • A micro site is powered by only one HTML file (unless you’re using third party stylesheets and scripts).

You even get your very own subdomain to share your code. Mine is :)

There is also an open API for editing your site just in case you wanna use your own code editor or automate something.

You can try out 1MB at https://1MB.SITE

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Great Service! I think it’ll help a lot of new(er) front end developers get started as other services like this have a lot of down time.


Thank you so much for the positive feedback :)

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