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SimplQ, a Modern Web Based Queue Manager

I've recently been inspired by services like, where you go, generate an instant link and share it with others. As an experiment on how this model can be applied for crowd management, me and a few friends have developed, a website where anyone can go create a queue and use it to keep people in a... queue. :p

Some screenshots...

Alt Text

The web app is really simple, the first screen shows how someone can create a queue and the second screen is the queue admin page, where you can manage people who have joined. The third screen is what a person who is waiting in the queue will see.

Once people start queuing up, you can notify users by clicking on the bell icon. People can give phone numbers while joining the queue, so you can click on the person to call them. We are working on integrating with an SMS service, so that the users can also be notified via SMS. Also a design overhaul is being planned.

The frontend is built with React, backend in Java and all the code is open source and is available here on gitHub. Feel free to fork and improve if you have any cool ideas in mind :)

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Henshal B

I did one like this recently.
Worked for 7 months alone.

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daltonfury42 Author • Edited on

Nice! Wanna connect?

I've working on simplq as a passive hobby project. <- That's a rough WIP idea of how I wanted to take the site forward.

Some thoughts after seeing your site:

  1. Great name! poketq is a really good one.
  2. I wouldn't keep registration as mandatory. I want to keep it usable without registration... maybe that will decrease bounce rate.
  3. I want to keep mine very simple, though. No features, just ability to create a queue and manage people in a queue. I want to just optimise that flow.

Otherwise it's a lot like I had in mind with simplq.

Do you see any room for collaboration? Feel free to fork, copy, improve... and do send a PR.

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Henshal B

Yes. Let's collaborate. How do we do that?

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daltonfury42 Author

SimplQ backend is mostly done, there is not much to be done.

For frontend, I'm slowly implementing this:

The issue has links to the design, and the half done site. What do you think?