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Damien Cosset
Damien Cosset

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Are you using an ergonomic mouse?

I'm starting to feel some pain in my right wrist/arm these days. Being 8+ hours in front of the computer holding a mouse is beginning to take a toll on my arm apparently 😁

Do some of you use an ergonomic mouse? If you do, did it help with any pain you felt in your wrists/arms? Which mouse did you have the most success with?

I'm in pain over here people, help make the right choice!

Peace ❀️

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Aaron Piotrowski

There's a great discussion of this on ATP (in the ask ATP section).
Mainly for me I'm also using the ErgoDox EZ with the tilt kit but for mousing I switch between a Logitech MX Master 2S and an Anker vertical mouse. Being able to move between them throughout my day has helped a lot. If you have a couple different style mice you should give that a shot, sometimes just a different angle for an hour will help.

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Henrik Warne

I'm using a PenClic "mouse" (more like a pen that you move like a mouse). Very happy with it. I've written about my RSI problems here, and how that mouse was part of the solution:

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Daniel P πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

I've had tendonitis from using conventional mouse in the past, switching to a trackball made a huge improvement, but I've noticed some issues over time with that too, so I switched to the upright-ergonomic mouse (the anker 2.4g specifically) and that's been working well for me.

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Stefan Natter πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΉπŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’» • Edited

Hi Damien,

I had issues in my right wrist and arm as well. After doing some research I bought the CSL Optical Mouse and the Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 from Microsoft. They are in use for almost a year and it was definitely worth it. I never had trouble with my wrist and arm again.

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I have an ergodox EZ with tilt/tent kit with an apple magic trackpad 2 on stilts in the middle (made from some paper straws I taped together). It's sort of aligned/tilted so it feels like an extension of the right keyboard. I think it's common to have a trackball mouse in the middle with this setup. With the trackball / elevated trackpad it removes vertical movement. and the trackball/pad reduces the space you need since they're fixed objects. The keyboard also has nice support for mouse keys/cursor movement with acceleration/slow mode.

What type of keyboard are you using? When I used more "conventional" keyboards, I preferred TKL (keyboard with no numpad) because it reduces the horizontal travel between home-keys and the mouse which helped with arm and shoulder pain/fatigue most.

Most of my wrist pain came from lack of wrist/palm rest. Palm rests are better since the pressure is on your hand rather than the wrist itself.

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Max Pixel

My "Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop" has been life changing. The mouse is semi-vertical which relieves a lot of strain, and the keyboard facilitates correct typing (in fact, it punishes incorrect habits - hard to press the B key with your right-hand when they're separated by a big hole). Better typing habits result in smaller finger movements and therefore less strain from that as well (typing faster has been an added bonus, too).

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Steve Groom

I prefer a trackpad in most situations, but when I need a mouse the Logitech MX Vertical is really working well for me. The design is unusual in that the hand rests vertically on the right side of the mouse.
Noticeably less pain than with a normal mouse.
The only downside is the mouse is taller than a normal mouse and once in a while I knock it over when reaching across the desk for something.

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Rajdeep Chandra

Logitech MX Master 2 has a nice grip and very swift. You can go for this.

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Matheus Calegaro

I don't know if it's considered "ergonomic", but I'm pretty satisfied with the MX Master 2S, since it fits well on my rather big hands.

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David Cantrell

Consider a trackball instead of a mouse.