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Damien Cosset
Damien Cosset

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What cooking taught me about software engineering

Lately, I started to cook more fresh products in order to be more healthy and fight some minor food intolerance me and my girlfriend have. It became a nice little hobby! Here are some of the things I've learned from it when it comes to software engineering:

  • I've learned nothing
  • Absolutely nothing

Hobbies don't have to exist in the context of your job. They can just be, without having to be a way to improve your career or your network. We're more than our jobs. And I wish I realized that earlier.

Take care of yourselves ❤️

(Shootout to @awwsmm for the obvious clickbait title 😉)

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Meat Boy

Totally agree, some people in IT are unnaturally forcing themselves to connect hobbies to their tech jobs which lock them in their comfy tech bubbles. Having a non-tech hobby is a great way to develop mental peace and find another way of leisure.

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Aakriti • Edited on

This thread took me to the profile of @awwsmm and in the article, 5 Tips for Writing Articles People Will Want to Read. The first tip was,
Make It Interesting
grab the reader's attention, but do it in an honest way.

And though what you have put in the article is good. But the clickbait is doing more bad than good to your article. Because at the end the only feeling I had was disappointed (because, I didn't get what I wanted) and angry (thats what clickbait do).

damcosset profile image
Damien Cosset

I know, hence the shootout :D

aakriti_1012 profile image

The last two emotions are for you and not him. It is your article after all.

Thread Thread
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Damien Cosset

You're right, it is my article 😄 It made me quite happy and relaxed to write it!

farukbigez profile image

Good point. Social guys are more successful in bussines and leadership

edeediong profile image
Edidiong Etuk

I had a good laugh reading this. Thanks a lot!!

manassav profile image

Add salt as semi colon in your dish. not to more not to less 😂

emadsaber profile image

SW application is just like a meal, if all ingredients (SW components) are fresh and cooked (written) well, you will have a good meal (application) :)


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