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Damian Escobedo
Damian Escobedo

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How do you guys keep different versions of your resumes and keep them updated?

I've read that it is useful to tailor resumes to job applications, also I recently spent a lot of time updating my resume.

That made me think to try to build a tool to make updating resumes less time-consuming, with the design of the resume already taken care of, where you can create "branches" from resumes to tailor specifically for a position/area I just don't know if that would be something useful or if there is already something to do it.

I know people usually make a resume in LaTeX and commit it to a git repository, but seems like a massive time investment to learn LaTeX just to make a resume there.

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Imaduddin Haetami

If your resume include mathematical notation, then go ahead use LaTeX. Otherwise, building articles in LaTeX is a PITA. Go for markdown resume, I think there is resume generator template for it.