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How To Generate A 'Blazing Fast' .gitignore File

This article is a bit of a shameless plug (aren't they all), it is to promote a little command line utility that I created that enables the user to generate a .gitignore file from the terminal.

Why is this useful?

This could largely be a 'me' problem, but it really annoys me when I have created a new project and pushed it to Github, to only go and see unwanted files or directories in my lovely new repository.

In comes Toptal's .gitignore generator. This is a super handy way of creating .gitignore files for a wide range of use cases.

I have been using the above website for quite a while and whilst I find it easy, it does annoy me that I have to visit the browser, enter the terms and then copy / pasta them into a .gitignore file.

The solution

The solution is a small command line utility built with Rust.

It is very simple.

All you have to do is enter the command gig (naming things is hard) and the program will prompt you for some space separated terms.

It then goes off and fetches the generated .gitignore file and places it within the current directory.

If you would like to check it out or take it for a spin, here are the links:


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