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Top methods to download torrents on the cloud for free

Downloading torrent without a bit-torrent client installed in your computer regardless of the platform is not easier than ever. I will start with the easier and the faster option.

Option 1

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Seedr is a cloud torrent website among the most cloud torrent websites and the most beneficial tool when compared. The reason being with seedr we can upgrade the cloud storage space up to 5GB by performing few simple tasks that will help seedr to grow. WIN-WIN right!

Step 1:Go to the and register using your email or facebook and once you are done with the registration by confirming your email address.

Step 2:Go to the Earn free space menu option to perform the before said tasks to earn extra the free storage space.

Seedr gives you multiple options to earn extra space.

  • Invite Four referrals to sign up with seedr with your referral link.
  • Post a review on twitter
  • Post a review on pinterence
  • Do a quick blog article on seedr like this one.

Again WIN-WIN !

Also their paid subscriptions are much better when compared with similar services which you can expand the download storage up to 1TB if you are a heavy torrent downloader.

Option 2

Cloud torrent

If you are more tech savvy then there is another option for you, but this one is a hassle.
Cloud torrent is an open source software solution that can be installed on any ubuntu/centos environment on the cloud. We can use a freely provided instance from Oracle to install our cloud torrent service. Let me briefly explain the steps.

Step 1:Go to Oracle Cloud and register for a free tier instance. (You can use any other cloud service provider of your preference)

Step 2:Go to Git Hub Link Cloud Torrent and follow the instructions there to setup you cloud torrent service.

After this you will have your entire Instance space (approximately 20GB on a free oracle instance) to download your torrents. This one is not easy at all but worthwhile if you can make it happen. So give it a shot.

But there is a catch, You cannot download copyright infringed content from this second option (Cloud torrent). In simple terms no illegal/pirated torrents. If you do so, you oracle instance will be banned from the cloud service provider by a DMCA Complaint.


Above are the best two freely available options I use for downloading torrents. Generally most torrent are less than 5GB of size, Hence my personal opinion is to go for the easier and safer option of using But if you are hungry for a challenge and crave for more storage space for free, you can also try the cloud-torrent option.

Good luck with torrenting!

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Farhad Ali

there's another way. use free dp šŸ™ˆ

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Cannot find anything with what you are referring to, Can you provide a reference?

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Farhad Ali
Thread Thread
damith profile image

Clever! Just tried it but Getting an authentication error when starting rdp ! Any idea?