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Best Swift resources for beginners

Hello everyone!

I am learning Swift, so here is a short list of best resources to learn this language. I hope they will help everyone who is interested in iOS development like me. I've divided the post in multiple sections, so you can use it as cheatsheet 😃

🖥 Websites

Hacking with Swift - probably the best resource with thousands of tutorials.

Apple Developer - official resource with everything: from code snippets to design guidelines

raywenderlich - this learning path covers both UIKit and SwiftUI frameworks

Fricking SwiftUI - SwiftUI cheatsheet

Official docs - intro in Swift - another great tutorial

📺 Youtube channels

If you're stuck with problem that is too complex to google, or you prefer videos for learning, here are best channels to watch:

Sean Allen - this guy perfectly explains delegates, Xcode basics, and much more in short videos

CodeWithChris - huge amount of iOS tutorials

Brian Advent - another cool channel

DesignCode - great SwiftUI tutorials

Kavsoft - amazing channel focused on SwiftUI - must have if you are mastering it!

📚 Courses

Wasting money on a course that is not very effective or you don't like it isn't a good idea, so in this section I recommend only this Udemy course, because I've finished it myself and I really liked it.


Thank you very much for reading this post 😊. This is my first post on DEV, I hope you liked it and it'll help you in learning iOS development and Swift. I'll update the post if I find any other other helpful resources, or you can offer them in comments!

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