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Updating My GitHub Profile README

A few weeks ago, GitHub released full support for adding READMEs to profile pages. This allows users to spice up their pages with greetings, contact & professional information, or to create a fun, random game of chess.

I've been meaning to create one for a few weeks, and apparently midnight on a Tuesday was the right time for me to actually go through with it. All it takes is to create a new repository named after your username with a file in it! My profile README includes the following:

  • A nice introduction to greet people
  • Some quick facts about myself to get people up to speed
  • A disclaimer that my public GitHub code may not be up to par with my best skills 😅
  • My current projects, volunteering efforts, and hobbies
  • My latest Dev blog posts (credit to @gautamkrishnar for the workflow)
  • My GitHub stats across repositories

You can visit my profile, or just check out the screenshot below. What kind of stuff have you seen, or what does your profile README look like?!

GitHub Profile

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