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Top 10 Business Intelligence & Analytics Software Development Companies in Singapore [2020]

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Singapore is already known as one of the biggest innovation centers located at the heart of the world's most dynamic economic region. Government agencies such as the Economic Development Board and the Info-communications Media Development Authority are continually investing in technology development and the birth of innovations in Singapore.

Therefore, at the enterprise level, Singapore is facing new digital challenges and technological disruptions. From the financial sector to healthcare, local companies are experiencing massive digital transformation in different functional areas. It causes the ever-increasing demand for the software that can process large volumes of data, analyze them, and turn them into consistent information that extends the company's opportunities and accelerates business growth.

The modern business world feels the vital importance of being equipped with high-quality Business Intelligence & Analytics software. Consequently, BI software development services are gaining momentum and popularity in 2020. To choose the best IT service provider among hundreds of alternatives might be a challenging task. That's why we have conducted in-depth research to define the top 10 best-performing Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics (BA) software development companies.

Research is based on the detailed investigation of business websites, profiles, portfolios, customer reviews, and insights from high-authority B2B ranking platforms with taking into account the company's rates, the number of employees, and other factors.

Genesis Networks

Genesis Networks is the leading Singapore-based IT service provider in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector. Since 2001 the company has been providing high-value professional services for corporate organizations, spanning Enterprise Software solutions, Business Intelligence and Big Data solutions, Managed Services, Cloud Computing, Infrastructure Services, as well as Security Audit and Consulting.

Enterprise software development services include Enterprise Search and Analytics solutions, Industrial Internet of Things, Mobile FinTech Solutions, Event Management, and Access Control Solutions.

This year, Genesis Networks has been rated as one of the most trusted Business Intelligence software service providers on Clutch. With Genesis, you can build not only your corporate infrastructure, storage, and office collaboration platforms, but also evolve your enterprise by enabling interworking functions, such as security, caching, and load balancing.

This company brings together innovative, visionary, and forward-moving technology experts that are doing their best to satisfy the technical and commercial expectations of clients. The company is driven by its core values, including integrity, customer focus, and service excellence.

TechTIQ Solutions

TechTIQ Solutions is an established IT consulting and software development company based in Singapore. It proudly serves startups and global enterprise clients with a primary mission to help them accelerate business growth and evolve through the successful integration of technology innovations in the digital era.

Consulting businesses on emerging technologies and providing individual solutions based on a customer success model approach, TechTIQ Solutions has already gained a reputation of a trusted Advanced Business Intelligence & Predictive Analytics software provider. The company provides an extensive suite of services, including Startup App Development, Digital Transformation, Enterprise Software Development, Web Design and Development, and IT Staffing.

TechTIQ Solutions delivers professional services that can transform a company into a modern digital enterprise that is ready for all the challenges of global digital transformation. They include Advanced Business Intelligence, Predictive Data Analytics, Complete Operations Integration, and IM Platform Integration.

The team really takes time to research the client's business processes, pain points, and objectives. Backing by large-scale research and deep expertise, TechTIQ Solutions can suggest comprehensive recommendations leading to the most positive client outcomes.

Web Synergies Pvt. Ltd.

Web Synergies is a global IT company with a headquarter in Singapore. The company delivers tailored enterprise solutions and consulting services that multiply sales, improve business performance, and enhances operational and marketing efficiency. Since 1998, the company has already served more than 600 clients ranging from multinational corporations, government bodies, SMEs to individual entrepreneurs.

Its key strengths are Business Intelligence and Analytics Solutions, Web Design and Development, CMS Implementation, Software Applications Development, Systems Integration, IT Application Support, Resource Augmentation, and Outsourcing. Web Synergies is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner that offers a Business Intelligence suite of services to socialize corporate data and help enterprises make data-driven and strategic decisions. In particular, Web Synergies delivers market research and analytics systems, financial analytics, business scorecards for performance, and other Business Intelligence and Analytics tools.

Among their clients, there are Singapore Government, Singapore Police Force, ACE Insurance, ABN Amro Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Sony, HP, Samsung, Cisco, Cold Storage, British Council, BASF, Prudential Asset Management, CNBC, Suntec Mall, Caterpillar, SMEs, etc.

IT Wonders Web Pte. Ltd.

IT Wonders is an all-rounded data analytics, web, and enterprise system development company founded in 2014 in Singapore. Its initial goal is to help businesses improve their workflow, boost productivity, evolve products and services, and bring even more value for customers, using innovative, customized software development solutions.

Today, the company provides Custom Web-Based Software, Mobile Applications, Artificial Intelligence, and Predictive Analytics solutions for businesses and organizations in Singapore and Malaysia. Also, IT Wonders offers an extensive suite of Business Intelligence solutions with a range of common functions, such as smarter reporting, online analytical processing, data mining, process mining, complex event processing, business performance management, benchmarking, text mining, predictive analytics, and prescriptive analytics.

Operating for more than six years in the industry, the company has helped a great number of businesses and organizations, from the small, medium, to large-scale to revolutionize and streamline their business, according to their needs and budgets.

PsiberTech Solutions

PsiberTech Solutions is one of the top IT service providers in Singapore. Since 2006, it has been providing state-of-the-art custom software solutions to the niche requirements of its customers, who are global enterprises and SMEs in the Asia Pacific Region. PsiberTech Solutions is one of the pioneers in implementing Business Intelligence solutions in Singapore.

The key services include Software Development, Robotic Processing Automation, Data Warehouse, Cloud Solutions. PsiberTech Solutions is one of the few custom software development companies in Singapore that have achieved ISO 9001:2015, the latest standard in ISO for their services and products.

More than a decade of experience in the industry has enabled this company to be highly responsive to customer requirements and provide state-of-the-art technology solutions at an affordable cost.

Zencode Technologies

Zencode Technologies is a trusted IT outsourcing company established in Singapore in 2013. The company delivers a full specter of end-to-end software development services, such as Mobile App Development, Enterprise Cloud Application Development, Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, User Experience Design, Offshore Team Augmentation, and solutions for the Internet of Things.

Its Business Intelligence and Enterprise Application Development services are powered by new generation solutions and methodologies. The company delivers complex ERP, CRM, CSM, Sharepoint Services, E-commerce applications, Inventory, Management Systems, Warehouse Management Systems.

Functioning for seven years, Zencode Technologies has already shipped more than 250 successful projects for over 100 happy customers worldwide.

Octal IT Solution

Octal IT Solution is an established IT service provider, headquartered in Singapore. It also has a strong presence in the USA, UK, and India. With the ISO 9001:2008 certification and strict discipline towards high-quality standards, Octal is delivering flawless results during the last decade. The company has earned notable associations from technology leaders like Microsoft, NASSCOM, Amazon Web Services, Acquia, STPI, Dun & Bradstreet, and Drupal Organization, etc.

The company's core services include Custom Web Development, Mobile App Development, Business Intelligence, Big Data Solutions, CMS Solutions, IoT applications, and more. At Octal, senior developers provide Business Intelligence development services that are based on eventfully and logically related methodologies, theories, architectures, and technologies that allow them to offer a robust BI perspective to your business.

Since 207, the company has already shipped more than 500 projects for global clients, such as Skype, Fiat, Aviva, and Vodafone.

AB4 Systems

AB4 Systems is a global IT consulting and development company headquartered in Singapore. It is also operating in three other offices in the USA, UK, and Romania. Since 2015, the team has delivered projects for the world-known brands and organizations, such as UNICEF, World Bank, EY, UN, and Carrefour.

They specialize in Business Intelligence and Analytics (BI/BA), Data (Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Predictive Analytics ), Software Engineering (Backend, Infrastructure, Mobile and Web apps), Product Strategy & Design (Market, Positioning, User Research, UX, UI), and Product Marketing (User Acquisition, User Retention, Analytics, Data-Driven Decisions). Their general approach to software product development is iterative. Commonly, they work in small increments (1-3 weeks) that deliver results in a predictable and measurable way.

AB4 Systems is ISO 9001 certified and has a Quality Management System (QMS) set in place in the form of a set of policies, processes, and procedures for planning and execution in the product development workflow. AB4 Systems has also received the ISO/IEC 27001 certification for the organization's information security management system(ISMS). 

Cxrus Solutions

Cxrus Solutions is an end-to-end Enterprise IT solution provider in the Asia Pacific. Founded in Singapore in 2003, the company builds strategic partnerships with industry-leading technology vendors to deliver enterprise-scale business solutions and system integration services. They help implement IT projects of any complexity and provide intelligent software to cover all the client's business needs.

Their core services include Business Intelligence and Business Analytics Solutions, Big Data Solutions, Enterprise Web Application Development, Cloud Practices, and Enterprise Linux.

They serve customers across different countries, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, China, and Dubai. Their commitment to excellence has won us numerous awards over the years - including the IT Developer Award by Digital Singapore. Cxrus is also a member of the Singapore Business Federation.

Virtual Electronics

Virtual Electronics is a Singapore-based IT service provider delivering custom software development solutions and subcontracting. They help their customers implement IT projects of any complexity and provide intelligent software to cover all their business needs.

Virtual Electronics provides a wide range of services, including Big Data & Analytics, Cloud Solutions, Mobile App Development, Chatbot Development, DevOps Services, and Consulting.

Virtual Electronics also provides Business Intelligence and Big Data solutions that can strengthen daily business operations and boost employee productivity. They can help enterprises make data-driven decisions and forecasts. It will allow them to deliver more relevant products to customers and optimize costs and resources by cutting operations to the most effective ones.


In this article, we have listed the top 10 Business Intelligence and Analytics software development companies operating in Singapore. This selection is based on the estimation of the companies' expertise and domain knowledge showcased in real case studies and described on a business website and customer testimonials.

We have also conducted detailed research of each company on plenty of other web resources, like LinkedIn, Crunchbase, and Hubstaff, and taken into account ratings and insights provided by authoritative B2B ranking platforms, such as Clutch, GoodFirms, IT Firms, and others. Hopefully, our investigation will help you make a better-informed decision and find the most reliable technology partner for your business in 2020.

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